Just makes me so angry !!!

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  1. I'm currently on the hunt for a reasonably priced speedy in good condition, but the fakes on eBay just really get me going. I especially hate it when people write "guaranteed authentic" or "I purchased it from so and so Louis Vuitton so no need to worry about fakes".. yet the bag is obviously fake !!


    This auction just hit on all of those sore points and then some. The bag is obviously fake.. not even a good fake. And there's no way this bag is 2-3 years old.. maybe 12-13 years ! These kinds of fake are old old old, the newer ones are far more sophisticated and a lot less crappy. I can't believe that it's also damaged, yet she's selling it. Can you imagine someone walking into a boutique with this bag, asking if they could repair it and being told flat out that it's a fake ? I'd never be able to walk into the store again !! Purchased from Holt Renfrew my butt, you'd be laughed out of the store ! Grr.. need an angrier emoticon ! :evil:

    I emailed a MPRS seller yesterday about upcoming speedy 25 auctions, and she sent me a reply with an auction link, only someone had already bought the bag in the briefest of hours between our correspondences !! Grr.. I'm just not having a good day.. week.. !!
  2. That "Speedy" is hideous :sick: Those are the worst, with that monogram canvas pocket and ugly patch.

    I know how you feel... when I went through the saga with my parents buying a fake Speedy on eBay, I was so angry at the person that was getting away with it. She scammed my parents out of $400 :evil: It's even worse when the seller makes up some elaborate story about where the bag was purchased or who it's being sold for. So many people are new to eBay and bag-buying, and think they are getting a great deal when they're paying a couple hundred bucks for a $20 piece of garbage.

    It sucks, but be patient! There are good deals out there. I'm always surfing eBay, so when I find what looks to be a good deal on a 25, I will PM you :nuts:
  3. Thanks ! I hope I can join the speedy club soon. ;)
  4. What's sad is that someone placed a bid on it....I wish everyone was a member here. They could learn so much valuable info!:Push:
  5. We should email those poor naive souls who spend hundreds and thousands on fakes...and point them here. :smile:
  6. yikes! :sad:
  7. I know how you feel ayla. It took me over a month to find a good one that's from a trusted seller at the price range I would like. I hope you get one soon.
  8. The LV's are no where near where they are in a real bag. How do they get away with that! its a bad fake too.
  9. Ayla,

    I hope you're eventually able to find an authentic one. I had THE traumatizing experience of a Fake LV as well.

    It was when I wanted my first LV bag, which was a Damier Soho backpack. I saw one on eBay as 100% authentic (and this was like 6 years ago when there was less fakes around) and I bought it for $400. When I received it, the inside was bright xmas colored red velvet wanna-be crapped fabric. Yet, since I never paid attention to the interior bag of a real one, I wanted to make SURE it's a fake, so took it to Southcoast Plaza LV in CA. The SA saw it and these were her exact words, 'You're crazy to buy an LV from eBay'. All right lady, I'm already sad about being scammed and you really had to say I was 'CRAZY'? A bit rude, no? Anyhow, never got my money back and I confronted the seller and she said, 'I hate people like you. People like you who think you can get away for paying 1/2 the price for a real one. If you want a real one, pay full price! Merry Christmas' She wrote that since that bag was supposed to be my xmas gift. :sad2: Anyhow, I was so down and it was such a waste of money. Because I still HAD to get that bag, I went to LV boutique and bought the real one. I think that's why the Damier Soho is the only LV bag I've kept (whilst I constantly buy LVs then sell my other LV bags on Ebay). It has its sentimental values.:love:
  10. Thanks ! I'll keep my eye on the first one. The second one is kind of close to retail, that seller alwas has lots of great items, but it always seems like, I might as well buy it in the store ! :amuse:
  11. That's terrible.. people that rip others are the true scum, not people out for a bargain. So far, I'm 5/5 for authentic Louis Vuitton pieces on eBay, I've yet to buy from a MPRS seller, or one from any of those groups. Probably playing with fire here. :shame:
  12. you"re right the second is too close to retail. the first looks good though! I've the 25 and it holds a lot and looks good on me because I'm a small person.
  13. the handles on the bag from that first link are totally frayed and old...
    damn i'd hate to be the one to end up with THAT monstrosity
  14. VINTAGE??? vintage trash!