(Just) Mademoiselle Intelligence • Complete Info on pg 4

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  1. #1 Oct 17, 2010
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    I'm loving this ligne from 11 cruise and have collected some photos and stock intel about this ligne. I share them here for everyone who's loving it also. Anybody who has photos and intel about this ligne. Please share too.

    This ligne comes with 3 sizes: large, medium and small. Their model nos. are
    large A49855 13" x 10" x 5.5"
    medium A49854 13" wide, 7" tall and 5.5" thick
    small A49853 (my guess only. I'm not sure about this size and I don't have dimensions.)

    For materials, there are lambskin, patent and tweed.

    For colours, there are white, light beige, dark beige, gold, silver, blue, red, black and multicolor black, ecru, silver in tweed.

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    Here are some photos of this ligne that I gathered from my SAs and other tPFers who kindly posted them here.

    Here are 2 photos of the large:

    and medium:
    I have one more photos of white and a photo of the small but I was told not to post here. If you wanna see, ask Penney from Hirshleifer’s (penney@hirshleifers.com).
  3. Nordstrom Mall of America carries the following:

    Red Patent $2500
    Blue Patent $2500
    Black Patent $2500
    Silver Metallic $2700
    Ecru/Silver/Black Tweed $2450
    Dark Navy Lamb $2700
    Black Lamb $2700

    Red Patent $3000
    Dark Blue Patent $3000
    Black Patent $3000
    Black Lamb $3225
  4. Bergdorf Goodman will carry:

    black lamb $3225

    Blanc (White) $24700
    Noir (Black) $2700

    Black $2500
    Metallic Lambskin $2500
  5. Saks will carry:

    black lambskin $3225
    dark blue lambskin $3225
    dark beige $3225

    black lambskin $ 2700
    gold $2700
    silver $2700
    multicolor black, ecru, silver tweed $2450
  6. Hirshleifer’s will carry:
    white, dk beige, light beige and blk ranging from - $2150- $3225
  7. BTW, seem like lambskin and tweed come in aged gold hardware and patent comes in silver hardware.
  8. Thanks for consolidating all the pictures and intel! The tweed one is super cute!
  9. Great thread! Thanks hun. So who is carrying the large light beige lambskin? And is that pic of the beige, light or dark beige? I want white or beige. Black is soo pretty too. what a gorgeous bag.
  10. ^I think that's in dark beige. I'm not sure though.

    There are so many colours! I can't make up my mind. Hopefully, I won't buy more than one :P
  11. Welcome!
  12. Thanks for the pics! I love the brown one. Do you know what the interior is like? Is it lined in fabric or leather? Pockets?
  13. Thanks for the great consolidated intel and pics! This is my favourite bag for Cruise 2011 too :love: Can't wait to see your picks nscwong.
  14. ^I'm so looking forward to it! That's my bag from 11C.