Just made my first Balenciaga purchase


Bag Addict
Jun 6, 2007
I just made my first Balenciaga purchase from Diabro.net. I bought the Weekender in Burnt and a wallet Le Compagnon in Grenat, Bordeaux. I feel alittle dizzy...from the anxiousness of it all. :sweatdrop: So...for those that have puchased from Diabro.net...I'm in Calif. USA, how long do you think it will take the babies to get to me from Japan? I've been a faithful LV gal for years...now I'm venturing out. Any words of wisdom? I've read quite a bit on the forum about Diabro and their commitment for authenticity... anyone else want to share?
Oct 27, 2006
One PF member bought a maltelasse and got it in 3 days and she lives in Paris so I reckon itd be with you soon! I love the rouille weekender its so beautiful - congrats on you new purchase and dont forget to post pics when they arrive!