just made an order!

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  1. i ordered the 06' bleu roi city! can't wait until it arrives. can you guys tell me what comes with the bag? and has anyone seen the actual bleu roi color, how is it?
  2. most ppl here refer to the bleu roi as blueberry... it's like a true navy color.
  3. Congrats on your new bag!
  4. 0o0o0 congrats!!!! i totally LOVE the blueberry colour!!! i just cant wait to get it in a WORK!!!
    What comes with the bag??? besides the bag, a BEAUTIFUL white balenciaga box, dustbag, tassel, and cards... 0o0o0 how exciting!!! congrats on your purchase!!!
  5. Blueberry is beautiful. Here is my Classique (currently on Ebay so that I can buy it in a Twiggy; if I can ever find on in a Twiggy, that is!)

    Congrats on your purchase!!
  6. Congrats! Blueberry is a fantastic color.
  7. Becca I just recently talked to BalNY and they had the SA told me they had the blueberry twiggy. That was after I purchased my ink twiggy unfortunately or I probably would of gotten the blue roi.
  8. wow, yeah Becca, you should call daphne @ the nyc store :yes:...that's where i got my blueberry twiggy, which i returned 'cause the leather was too thick & matte for silly 'ole me :P
  9. Congrats!! Blueberry is a beautiful color. Here is a pic of my city
  10. I think I like the Blueberry better than any of the other blues. So pretty. Becca, I love the color of your bag.
  11. thanks guys! it's nice to find how excited everyone is for me and how we all share the same crazy obsession over the b bags.

    jen83, is the picture of your city in bleu roi?

    does the bag come with a longer strap? i remember hearing that a b bag comes with a longer strap.
  12. Yep, its bleu roi. Its my first and only b-bag that I :heart: so much.

    It does come with a longer strap.
  13. ooooooooooh! So GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE your bag jenn83!! I've only ever seen the first IRL and wanted to get it so badly but I wanted to hold out and see if I could find a city and so glad I did b/c from your pic it looks beautiful!!!
  14. wow.... congrats girl... :girlsigh: love this colour :P
  15. Gorgeous bag Jenn83! I've been searching for an ink day for an entire month! Maybe I should just give up and replace it with a blueberry day... What do you reckon girls?