Just made an impulse buy...!!!

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  1. ARGGGHHH.. Can't believe it I made an irrational impulse buy!!!!... 5 hours before my flight to US... :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: ...

    I have to run to the airport now.. I'll post the pics when I reach Columbus... which is about 26++ hours later :crybaby:
  2. WHOA!!!! WHOA! WHOA! HOLD THE PHONE!!!!!! You are not, I repeat, NOT getting on that plane without giving a LITTLE more information!!!!!

    Don't do this to us!!!! First it's Grands with the "mystery" bag and now it's Wellow......i won't be able to sleep tonight......
  3. Yea... WHAT IS IT?!?!?!!!
  4. One hint: not a bag, not a bracelet, but it's a leather.... ;)

    Anyway, now I really have to run....:wlae:
  5. gees, I am going to OD on popcorn tonight....

  6. :P :yahoo: ...this is fun, feels like we are on plane with you!! waiting...:popcorn:
  7. Ooooh Wellow, you're bad! :sneaky:Okay, let's see, a leather something from Hermes...definitely does not make it easy. If it's not a bag, my guess: belt or wallet. Wait, you said irrational....coat? jacket? SADDLE??
  8. Whip?????
  9. Help - I can't take the waiting.
  10. 26 hours? Woman you are crazy for making us wait! Argh!!!!!
  11. :hysteric:
  12. Not fair! 26 hours is too much!
  13. wallet maybe?
  14. Agenda?? Oh my this is far too long of a wait!!
  15. MEANY....:hysteric: