just made an eBay faux pas :(

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  1. I just bought a bunch of paper products for my DD's upcoming birthday - invites, notecards, personalized favor bags. . . .

    They were all listed individually, like one invite/$1.15, etc . . . .
    but the notecards were as a bulk of 25.
    I need 30, and had just ordered all the invites seperately and the favor bags seperately so I was in that groove ya know, putting in the # I needed.

    So I need 30 notecards, but she offered those in groups of 25. . . but I entered 30!!!!!!!!!! So I just did a BIN for 30 sets of 25 note cards!!!!!!!!:wtf:

    What a dufus!!!

    I immediately ASQ's her apologizing profusely and offering to pay fees or whatever. . .
    anything she or I can do?

  2. Its a minor error, and they happen on stuff like that, I'm sure it happens more than we think. I'm sure the seller would be okay with your apology...and if not...

    you'll be sending out notes to the whole world for a while!
  3. Invite more people.LOL
  4. :sos: 750!? LOL!

    I'm sure it happens, but I'm pretty detailed, I can't believe I did this
  5. lol. i'm sure of you explain it will be fine. she has to invoice you anyway since you bought a bunch of things.

    which seller? i have someone i buy all my paper stuff from- she's amazing. i reccomend her to everyone.
  6. Don't worry - I'm sure you're not the first person to do this. Since you've ordered a lot of things from her, she will hopefully be more amenable to changing your order. You could always offer to put some money towards the FVF, or to do a mutual agreement not to pay on the items you don't want. I've done a mutual agreement before - I always prefer to be nice to customers, rather than make them jump through hoops, it just makes more business sense!
  7. Oops! Don't worry - I'm sure you guys will be able to work something out, esp. if it's just you agreeing to cover the FVFs for her. Good luck!
  8. I have done this but with beads for my daughter that came in batches of 40, when I'd happily been ordering individual beads beforehand. An apologetic, please take pity on me but I realise this is at your discretion email worked and I ended up with 40 beads rather than 1600!
  9. I'm LMAO at "invite more people":roflmfao:
  10. she's a doll! She just filed an unpaid Item Mutual Agreement, showing we mutually agreed not to go through w/ it, she gets her fees back! Yippee!
  11. i was just going to suggest that.

    oh and in the furture "touch of whimsy" and the seller sopranostar (thats her eBay store name and her id) are the BEST.
  12. good to know! I wanted to respond but if I said who I bought from, people could figure out my user ID and I don't want them to! LOL!
  13. LOL. i get it. but check out gina's store. she w was one of the best in stores winners last year. she's amazing.

  14. oh fantastic! you know, you both can still leave postitive feedbacks for each other for each of those transactions, even though they didn't go through. I did that once with a lady (i bought a bunch of stuff, she could not figure out how to put them all on one invoice with a special ship price and eBay was not getting back to her, live help didn't help at all!) so i cancelled my order with her, and went through the mutual thing, and left 4 feedbacks that she returned simply stating that the transactions were good, buyer and seller were both reasonable and rational and had good communication.

    Just a thought.

    Glad to hear there was a happy ending for your story!
  15. Ah great that she was understanding ebayer, that is good. Still some decent people left there, restores faith in humaity!