Just made a purchase from elux!!

  1. I orignally went to elux to buy the biscayne gm, but then I was browsing the new releases and I came upon the beverly mm. It is so darn cute that I just had to order that instead! :yahoo: I can not wait to get it! Does anyone else have this bag or have seen it in person?
  2. Congrats! I cannot wait to see a pic of this on someone!
  3. Congrats! Would love to see this one model on somebody.
  4. congrats! i cant wait to see pics when you get it!
    you made a great choice!
  5. Congrats!:yahoo: I'm planning to buy next month when I go the big city since there's no LV boutique where I live. Can't wait to see pic, modelling pic would be appreciated.;)
  6. Thanks everyone as soon as I get the bag in I will post lots of pics!! By the way does anyone know how long it take to get the e bates refund? I was so excited it saved me $32 plus no shipping and no tax!!:yahoo:
  7. Wow... sounds so good.
    I've never seen it on real person, but I bet it will be so great.

  8. Yay .... Congrats! :happydance:

    Please post pics when you get it (if you can) .... I would love to see. :love:
  9. Congratulations and I hope it arrives soon.
  10. Congrats!!!:smile: I think this bag is sooo cute! It's definetly on my wish list (as if I need another bag)! :p
  11. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I will post lots of modeling pics as soon as it arrives. I chose standard delivery since it was free, does anyone know about how long it wold take to arrive? I really wanted to uprgrade to express shipping but it costs $34 and I spent enough on the bag LOL
  12. congrats!
  13. Congrats, this bag is on my wishlist too!
  14. I have seen it IRL, it's a good-sized bag. Congrats!
  15. I really like this bag!! CONGRATS!