Just looking for some opinions...

  1. I ordered the Khaki/beet signature carly last night in medium and Im sooooooooo excited... I was just looking for anyone who has the carly in the medium and how much you like it? I tried it on a few months ago and debated back and forth for awhile about getting it because of the way that it layed on my shoulder (it didnt sag like it does on other ppl and it hung RIGHT under my armpit) But last night i was thinking it will sag alot more once i get all my stuff in it and can adjust the strap as to how far it hangs? And also if anyone has any modeling pics of one that has been used and isnt as "stiff" as it is in the store I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! Thanks girls!!
  2. Congrats on your Carly! I have the medium and i love her! Once you get your stuff in it would look better. If you find the Carly club thread you might find modeling pics of the medium carly. I know there are many threads and modeling pics on here but you just gotta search for them.
  3. I love my medium!!! If your wearing a jacket it may slip off the shoulder a little though. THat is the ONLY downfall.
  4. I have the medium Carly and another arriving today that is how much I like it. It does sag once your things are inside of it and isn't right in your armpit. The Large would be WAY too HUGE for me!! Love the medium..it's perfect!
  5. Congrats! :tup: I had the medium for a while and loved it, but just upgraded to the large. :yes: It definitely will slouch more when you get that stuffing out of it and your things in it.. unfortunately though the strap is not adjustable. Be sure and post pics when it gets there! :tup:
  6. Thanks everyone! I love this forum everyone is so nice and helpful (and not to mention i love looking at all the pictures of all of your coach purses) ! Im sooooo excited to get her and i will post pics when i do ( i just ordered yesterday though) !!! :smile:
  7. here's me with my medium chocolate carly
  8. i also had the med. and upgraded to the lg. it was just too tight after i had all my stuff in it. the lg is perfect now!
  9. Yay, congratulations on your new Carly!! I have the Medium Chocolate and love it! I purchased a Khaki/Saddle in Large first and found it to really be too big for my needs. I loved it though. I then went to a Coach boutique and tried on the medium chocolate and at first I didn't think I liked it. But upon pondering for a few days I went ahead and bought it :yahoo: I am glad I did! It is PERFECT!! You will LOVE it!!