Just left the Kooba Sample Sale....Kind of..

  1. I just left the Kooba sale..the line was sooo long i never got in. I had to go back to work...has anyone been in? what were the prices? did they have the tooled Sienna...and if so, what color? I am trying to decide if "Strategery" is necessary or if it is a waste of time....

    I will say there were a lot of ladies leaving with HUGE bags....
  2. There is another post with the price range posted
  3. I was thinking of going -- but now you've made me re-think. I had good luck at the Botkier Sample Sale a few months back and was feeling confident.
  4. I went to the sample sale and I came all the way in from New Jersey. I got there at 10:30am and waited on the line outside as numerous greedy women left with like 7 handbags (and maybe some women were buying presents but I think most of them were just insanely greedy). I didn't see any of those handbags until noon. So you'll wait on the line outside, then the line inside, then the line winding up the stairs, and then you'll wait on the landing -- right before you check your coat. Then, you'll walk in and see lots of tacky looking clothing meant to distract you at seemingly cheap prices and then you'll see ANOTHER LINE! You'll wait on this line almost as long as you waited outside because only a certain amount of women are allowed where the handbgs are. By the time I got there, most of the bags were gone but this is what I saw (the styles): Ginger, Ada (sold out the person before I was allowed to go in), Carla, Haydon, Maria, Paige, Sienna, Scarlett, Marcelle, Claudia, Chiara, and Lucy. The Paige, Ada and Marcelle were the biggest sellers. Also the Sienna too. I just bought the Ginger in Chestnut Suede. I thought the Ginger in the Leather looked extremely cheap. For some reason, I thought the vast majority of the handbags looke extremely cheap, hence my inability to understand why so many women were going INSANE over them. Yeah, they're Kooba bags but how well is the company doing it 1500 units are being sold from $100-$225?? I would suggest anyone willing to go to this sale get there as early as possible, prepare to wait and know exactly what you want so once you get inside, before you waste your time waiting on the final line, you can go look and see what the vultures left for you before you waste another 40 minutes of your day. Don't get me wrong, I love my bag and the price is great, but I thought that many women were being extremely greedy and that the majority of the bags looked like Chinatown knockoffs (maybe that's why the company had so many of them at the sample sale).
  5. How did you hear about the Botkier Sample Sale? I picked up some of their bags last week and think that overall, their collection is much stronger than Kooba's.
  6. wow...thanks IAmMe that is the inside scoop I needed! Do you mind telling me how much the bag was that you purchased? Do you remember how much the Sienna was?

    Yes! I agree...I would wait in 10 lines for the Botkier Trigger.....versus anything Kooba...I really need a good leather bag in black though and the Botkier sale that they had last year is taking FOREVER! They would post some bags on their site under "Sale". The page is still there...its just empty...and I am kvetching over it. I should have cleaned up last year when I saw their bags on sale....I would also like to know about the Botkier sample sale.....
  7. I purchased the Ginger in the Chestnut for $225 + tax which made it like $244.00 (or something like that). It seemed like the newer styles with the suede and special leathers were $225.00 and that the older models/not quite as nice (i.e. the Chiara, Marcella, etc...) were $195.00. I didn't see anything for $100.00 as advertised. There were many Sienna bags in a cream and chestnut, I can be sure of. Black bags were gone before I even got to the bag room; apparently that was the number one request. But there were many different Sienna colors and styles, some with prints on the leather and some without.
    As for Botkier, you should have come to the Lucky Shops event last week! I bought two Botkier and nearly passed out from all of the excitement (and now poverty, haha). I actually picked up the Trigger in Eggshell. If you go to ShopLuckyShops.com you can pick up a Trigger in Chestnut Leather for $244.00. They did have black Triggers at the event (Lucky Shops) but I actually passed on it. Then when I came back, I wanted it in black but iti was sold out. But then I waited and they brought out this whole sectino of super sick stock and I scooped up the only Trigger in Eggshell. This woman gave me the look of death for doing so :yahoo:If you have anymore questions, let me know!
  8. Just to chime in here, I went around 10:15 and there was a huge line. Women were definitely coming out with huge bags of bags. I didn't stay and wait. 1. I don't love Kooba THAT much (saving for a Chanel now), and 2. I heard that even at 10:15 many styles were almost gone. The line was literally not moving, either. Even though I have a RARE day where I'm not working like crazy, I still didn't feel like waiting in line for 2 hours just to maybe get excited about a bag I don't really need!
  9. Wow.:s

  10. I think I love you! I am going to just die! I have been looking for the trigger 4ever! was it the same price at the event? I wanted to go...I figured it was a bunch of hoopla for nothing...I have been to a couple pay at the door events that sucked...i will def be in attendance next year....OH MY GOD! i am going to Die!

    thanks a bunch!
  11. wow, they were charging tax? kind of odd...

    most of the bags probably looked cheap becacuse most of them were probably first run samples... stuff that most likely wasn't mass produced due to low quality materials.
  12. just ordered the trigger from shopluckyshops.com....thanks again IAmMe
  13. I went to the Kooba sample sale on my lunch hour (about 1:30) and there was no longer any kind of line to get in. The selection was pretty scarce by the time I arrived (there were no black bags to be seen anywhere) but I picked up a Scarlett (which is what I wanted) in cream for $135.47 after tax.
  14. When I went around 1:30 they had the Sienna left in Cream, Moss, and a dark brown embossed one with the flowers on it. I don't know what colors they originally started out with and the people distributing the bags weren't much help when I asked. They were priced at $195.00.
  15. I am sure a lot will appear on ebay in no time:s