just left Rodeo LV...re price decrease

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  1. So, I went into the Rodeo LV to buy my new wallet and inquire about the BH price decrease. I had just recently purchased it. I wanted to get a credit for the price difference and put it towards my new purchase. Well anyways, they were acting so weird about it, like it was a special secret or something...the girl that was helping me, said I needed to bring the bag with me (I didnt have it) and return it and re buy it. I argued for awhile with her. I said "that doesn't make any sense..I have the receipt with me". So after talking with the manager, they finally did it. I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal. :wtf: I asked them what other bags were lowered and she said also the Lockit ones. I didn't check the price though! Just wanted to let you all know, I guess they will credit you the difference, but it wasn't easy. Has anyone else dealt with this issue yet??
  2. ohhhh, I was thinking of a lock it...thanks for the info!
  3. Poop, well I just checked the lockit on elux, regular is 765, but vertical is 920 and horitonzal is 965....doesn't seem lower to me....anyone know?
  4. oh thanks for posting this much needed info! Besides BH, and Lockit, is there any other line/style that's been decreased?
  5. oh, i can't wait to see what else drops!
  6. the SA's were acting so funny about it, they said right now those were the only ones lowered. Something to do with the euro prices or something like that is what they said. They said only some bags from the mono line.
  7. Does anyone know why they're lowering the prices of some bags? :confused1:
  8. I'm glad they refunded you the difference. But to me, to see prices go down....this makes the brand look bad....cheap somehow.
  9. At first I was really excited about price decreases, but now it seems a little weird. I want a lockit so badly, but now that I've seen the bh go down, it will make me wait on future purchases just to see what will happen. Instead of decreasing prices, why not just freeze current prices on all bags for say a year or so. Make everybody happy.
  10. there is another thread in the shopping section about this. the french purse has had its price decreased also. on the UK LV site its gone down to £260. it seems strange that the prices in the US are decreasing with the dollar being so weak against the Pound and Euro right now
  11. my guess is that maybe those bags aren't selling as well and they want to boost their sales and make the bag popular again. just a guess though.
  12. I thought Louis Vuitton prices never go down/go on sale. Does anyone have any info about why this is happening?
  13. Is this price decrease happening worldwide? sorry, but I don't really understand the whole meaning of this. I mean, just like a month ago, there were rumors about prices INCREASE now a decrease?......
  14. I cant believe it would be because of the bag not being popular...it seems to be the BH is one of the most popular ones lately. :shrugs:
  15. Lol..I like news about this. :yes: