Just left LV store. Week-ender GM, limelights, tivoli PM, Trevi PM and GM

  1. Just left my LV store and they just received the week-ender GM, very pretty, but I would have not use for it. Also they had black (which is very bronzy in color) and gold limelights, one tivoli pm and trevi pm and GM. Let me know if anyone is interested will send you name of my SA and you can speak right to them
  2. Any prices on the limelight? I saw in the reference thread they were cheaper than the first limelights, could that be true?
  3. Think the small one was 1110 and large one was 1350 on the limelights
  4. :girlsigh:ugh, no lower prices, It was just whishfull thinking...
  5. thanks for the info!
  6. Thanks for the info!! Can't wait to see the new limelights!
  7. *holds ears*
    I can't HEAR YOU!
  8. Thank you for information.