Just left Barney's- update!

  1. I just went to Barney's in Boston and guess what! I met a woman who was carrying a magenta city!!! I never saw magenta IRL and it was just stunning!!! I was carrying my turq'03 and she had the magenta city! I thought it was so funny! I told her about the PF so hopefully she'll join!!!

    Anyway, I saw:

    Rouge VIF - first- the leather was amazing and super pretty! (only one)
    Oxblood- work- the leather looked good
    Sapin- first- leather looked as great as the rouge vif!!! Pretty!(only one)
    Truffle- leather looked great- not veiny at all!
    Black- the leather was great! There was a black city on the counter and it was very matte (which I like) They also had black works and a courier.

    They also had a couple of inks, lilac box, cornflower first, grey

    They had 2 rouge vif coin purses
    1 truffle compagnon wallet (zip)

    I didn't get anything but wanted to check if they had any rouge vif city bags or couriers- they didn't!:crybaby: I still had fun!!!:smile:
  2. Thanks for posting, zacorey! :flowers: Very cool on running into another Bbag fan! I never see anyone with them around here. I bet she was just as psyched to see your 03 Turquoise!!!:love:
    I commend you for walking out of Barney's empty handed! LOL!:P
  3. Pup-I know!!! I couldn't believe I saw someone with a magenta! I thought how rare is that!!! She said she has the turq'05 city too! Opps- mine is the '04 turq!-(mistake in saying '03)
  4. Oh zac.... I know the magenta color ... I've had a city last year but unfortunately I sold it :crybaby: !! I really regret coz I still love this color :yes: ! Thank you for posting the up-date :love:
  5. First- it was so nice to get to see the magenta IRL b/c lots of people said it's even nicer in person then in pictures!!!
  6. Gosh, I bet the magenta is absolutely gorgeous IRL! I was soo bummed when I called BalNY and they had already sold out of them. I keep hoping they will come out with something similar in the pinky purpley family. Hmm..maybe a Raspberry or something.

    Zacorey--are you on a waiting list for the Rouge Vif City anywhere? When I added my name to the list at BalNY, they said it wasn't that long--maybe only around 15 or 18(as of a week ago). I think I read that they are expecting them this week, too. :yahoo:
  7. Oh PUP!! That's great news!:yahoo: So- that means you're getting your city!!!:yes: You must be so excited! I can't wait to see pictures! Are they getting all the styles in the rouge vif? I am debating btwn the courier, part-time and city!
  8. Oh- forgot to tell you that they had a big black oval looking clutch- don't know what it's called.
  9. oh zac, pup, u guys made me think again about selling my magenta :crybaby: . i hate myself for being so easily persuaded only by words!!! AARRRGGGHHH
  10. ^zacorey, i think it's just called the "oval"
  11. Jen- LOL- it has the pefect name- it sure is oval!!!:lol:

    Sea- ohhh- I'm drooling over your magenta city! I really never have seen the magenta in the city come up!You have all the BEST colors!
  12. oh zac, i'm in such a dillema now... my heart beats every second questioning my decision! i wish i can afford them both now :crybaby:
  13. zac--I'm super duper excited about getting my Rouge Vif City! :yahoo: Woohoo! Daphne said she'd call me when they get in, but I read another post where someone said that they are coming in this week. Woohoo! I don't know if they are getting all the styles in. I know they have the Firsts and the Works already and someone bought a Twiggy before? I think it was SoCal, but Daphne didn't mention anything about any other styles. I didn't ask, though. The Rouge Vif would look great in all the styles you are considering! After drooling over Golden and Esile's pics over and over again, I'm thinking about the Day and Work, too! lol.

    Sea--Your Magenta City is sooo beautiful! :love: Why did you decide to sell the magenta? Which bag did you choose over it?
  14. I'm going to be there next Wednesday. I wonder if they'll have anything left! Which style did they have in ink?
  15. pup, i was torn between a pistachio and magenta... :crybaby: they're both gorgeous :sad: