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  1. i dunno how i got here but i am sorry i was never here before....luv the fendi spy and noticed the new bags for the coming season on style.com ie fendy B and LV patchwork....I am dying for the spy but what is the most popular of them.....the Zucca logo or print ones - i never carry fakes but the LV mink was just too expensive and i bought a rabbit fake on iOffer.com - EVERYBODY comments on the bag - and the real ones were going for aprox 7 grand!!
  2. Did you get a replica, ie. "inspired by" or a fake?
  3. Well welcome to our forum. I hope you like it here.
  4. Oooops..... Yes, welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!!! We really do LOVE bags here!!!
  5. Welcome!!!
  6. Welcome to home sweet home! You will have a lot of questions answered here as well as answer others! Trust me, I know! Everyone has been so helpful here!
  7. Welcome to a warm place where we can all go crazy about our bags and everyone enjoys it!!!!!!
  8. actually i am wearing a 'mirror-image' rabbit fur LV bag for the winter - I bought it online and hated myself for doing it - but I am getting so many compliments.....I saw the 'real' one in Bal Harbor Florida for 7 grand...I am a handbag lover but I do have my limits haha

    tell me what is the scoop on the IT bag for spring.....do any of u belong to Bag Borrow or Steal? go online to view their website - unfortunately it is not offered to Canadians as I am - but if I were in the States ................for sure
  9. Hi blondee47, welcome, its tons of fun on here! not a dull moment yet!!!
    ENJOY! :smile: