Just Joined tPF on Facebook!!!!

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  1. I just found tPF on Facebook (MODS hope there is not a conflict of interests here....)

    I thought it was sooo cool and wished someone had told me about it sooner!
    I mean I joined all my fav designers, right, so why not my FAVOURITE FORUM!!!! There is a Bal Gal tPF Fan Club too.... ;) We should start a tPF Arts Club so you can check on stats while you are either site and not loose one single minute of posting capability (imagine me with a mad scientist grin and knuckles crawling in delight :nuts:)
  2. #2 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Ah, I had no idea tPF was on facebook... I am gonna go check it out!

    Hmmm... doesn't look like Megs or Vlad set that up. Wonder if they know its out there?
  3. Oh, this would be great! : )
  4. I joined too!!
  5. :yes: Megs and Vlad set up the Facebook profile for tPF a while ago.
  6. Yay! So it's official!!!! Join!!!
  7. What shall we call the Subgroup?

    Someone mentioned the word HeArt.... I like it... we could incorporate that somehow
    Vlad and Meg call this group the D.I.Y section..... we can call it.... WTHeArtPFers Do It Better!!!!! Where the art tPFers do it (yourself) better! Ha!
  8. Just joined ;)

  9. Thank you!! Very reassuring!!
  10. i joined it a few weeks ago! :smile:
  11. Just joined! ;)