Just Joined tPF on Facebook!!!!

I just found tPF on Facebook (MODS hope there is not a conflict of interests here....)

I thought it was sooo cool and wished someone had told me about it sooner!
I mean I joined all my fav designers, right, so why not my FAVOURITE FORUM!!!! There is a Bal Gal tPF Fan Club too.... ;) We should start a tPF Arts Club so you can check on stats while you are either site and not loose one single minute of posting capability (imagine me with a mad scientist grin and knuckles crawling in delight :nuts:)


Lovin' Life!
Apr 21, 2006
Ah, I had no idea tPF was on facebook... I am gonna go check it out!

Hmmm... doesn't look like Megs or Vlad set that up. Wonder if they know its out there?
:yes: Megs and Vlad set up the Facebook profile for tPF a while ago.