Just Jared- link to TPF LV giveaway

  1. So I was reading along on Just Jared, one of the many Celeb sites I visit each day, and saw that they have a link to our purse forum 1 year anniversary LV giveaway. The purse forum has become a much more popular place within the past week, don't you think? lol!!
  2. so many links, so many one shot posters..........*sigh* my chance at those lovely Anniversary gifts is infintessimal.
    I just hope a loyal PFer[no matter when they joined] wins this contest. It would be heartbreaking to see someone with one or two posts win. :sad:
    There I said it! Sorry if that makes me petty.
  3. I love JJ by the way & am happy TPF is getting the Kudos it deserves.
    Yay! Megs & Vlad!!!!
  4. ^^I don't think you're being petty. I would hope that a "regular" or at least a member who doesn't post but has been around for awhile wins. It'd be sad to see someone win who just signed up to get the bag...
  5. ^ Same.
  6. my sentiments exactly:flowers: but rules are rules, cant do nothing about it:confused1:
  7. I feel the same way! I kept seeing brand new members whose first post was to guess how many m&m's are in the jar! I want a loyal Pfer to win the contest too!!
  8. I totally agree with you all!
  9. well, i do agree.. regular posters.. but then again, rules have already been made.. so we will just have to wait and see.

  10. DITTO!!
  11. Congrats again tpf!!! Tpf has definitely become so much more popular in the past few weeks. Yay!!!
  12. Boy has it!!!
    And we have many new members who have been posting away & joining in the fun! So I am guessing after the contest is over we will have an even more wonderful board. I am loving so many of our new members & their general good humor & all of their bag info.
  13. i feel the same way! every time i look at that thread i see so many people with one or two posts. no offense to the new members, but i hope that a regular member wins it, , or at least go to someone who is new who has the intention of staying on the forum....it would be a shame to have it go to someone who just signed up to the forum just to enter that contest.
  14. I definitely agree, and I may not have many posts, but at least I've been a member since June.
  15. i agree with you guys/. it would be awful to see someone who had one post win.. but we will see....