Just inherited this vintage Van Cleef and Arpels


Jul 30, 2014
Hi ladies,

I'm new to the forum but I was hoping you all could help me out. I just inherited a beautiful vintage Van Cleef and Arpels brooch. It seems to be in the original box (which has "Paris Jewel Boutique/Van Cleef and Arpels at/ Bergdorf Goodman inscribed in the top. The brooch is about 3 inches long and looks like bunch of leaves or feathers with a cluster of diamonds in the center. On the back is "18K" "VCA" and a bunch of numbers (I'm assuming this is a serial number?)

I'm not very familiar with VCA but I know some of the ladies on this forum are experts so I was wondering if any of you knew anything more about this piece? I would love to know what decade it comes from, if it was part of a collection, if any of you recognize it, etc.

I tried to take it to the boutique to learn more about it but they told me it would cost several thousand dollars and probably take 6 months to send the brooch back to their workshop in France and look through the archives before they could tell me more about it, and I just didnt think it was worth the time or the money.

Thanks in advance!