Just in time for fall... my new red MbyMJ flats!

  1. I am in love :love: !!

    I finally got the shoes I've been eyeing since forever and a day! I first saw these a month or two ago and I've asked to try them on two seperate times but why I decided to wait on them was beyond me. They ran out of a 37 by the time I knew I had to buy them so my feet will just have to work with the 36.5 :P

    Thanks for letting me share!
    IMG_6194.JPG IMG_6195.JPG
  2. Beautiful Jenny! You'll stretch those out in no time!
  3. SO cute!! :love:
  4. :love: :love: :love: I love patent leather. So cute.:love: :love: :love:
  5. Erica - thanks!! I've been wearing them around the house and aside from looking silly pairing them with my PJs, I can feel them getting more comfy!

    aribobari - thank you :smile:

    lelgin - thanks! i loveee patent leather shoes as well!
  6. Aww so cute! Congrats
  7. They will look beautiful for fall!
  8. Oh wow!! They are so nice!:love: I want a pair now...!
  9. Thanks icechick, Danica, and percephonie!

    percephonie - they have it on Nordstroms.com (in hot pink and cream/white) if you're interested. ;)
  10. pretttty! :biggrin:
  11. omg..those are soooo adorable! i love the little heel and the red...oooh, the red!!!!!! congrats!
  12. omg i LOVE those shoes!! where did you find them?! i regret not buying them when they first came out because when i went back a second time, my size was goooone. i was bummed.

    Congrats....those shoes are gorgeous!
  13. So cute!
  14. i love 'em! i want the magenta ones
  15. barbie.belle - thank you!

    toiletduck - yea, the red got to me too! and the little contrasting black buckle as well, haha!

    cutigirl - thanks! i got them from macys SF. if you need the number, sku, etc. let me know!

    nola - thank you!

    angelie - thanks! the magenta ones are sooo pretty, now you got me thinking of my next pair ;)
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