Just in time for Christmas!

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  1. Hello everyone, I just received an email from one of my favorite online botiques in Corona del Mar, CA. They are offering an additional 30% off alll online items-even sale. Please use the code: Holiday 30% The website is Karizma Boutique
    Make sure that you type it as you see it. Happy shopping-they carry many handbag brands and several are already on sale!:yahoo:
  2. I just saw the Kooba Embossed Scarlett on sale on the Kooba website for $350.00. At Karizma it's on sale for $299 and with the discount it comes out to $209-go get it girls!;)
  3. What is the link to the site? Thanks, I love discount codes!! :smile:
  4. Sorry, I just realized I'd left off the link. It's in the first post now.:roflmfao: