Just in time for Christmas!

Sep 25, 2010
I was waiting for the Cruise 11 Summer Flap in fuchsia to come in when my sweet SA from Neiman's told me a RED SF just arrived....still waiting on the fuchsia. They only received one of them, so I rushed down to check it out and had to have it! It was only $1500 and its so adorable, just what I wanted. I really needed a bolt of color to add to my mostly black, gray, & neutral wardrobe : )

If anyone is interested, here is the code: 11C A50041Y01799 called 'Dark Red' but it looks like bright fire engine red to me! Love it. For size reference I put my WOC next to it. The SF has CC slots just like the WOC, and to me it hold the same, but the bottom of the SF doesn't expand so its a tighter fit. The chain is short and can be only used on the shoulder, not cross body. Its exactly what I wanted for a fun bag and when I don't need to carry much.

Have a fabulous Holiday everyone :biggrin:


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Feb 8, 2007
The Palace
:nuts: Wow, congratulations!! What a STUNNING color! I would love to see the interior, do you have any pictures of it?

Jan 10, 2007
Like an elegant little pocketbook =) Congratulations!

How does the shoulder strap length compare to a WOC or the mini flap?