Just In, Matte Croc/Terre (pink/red)/30 Lindy

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  1. Dear Ladies:

    I am back after settled into our new home and getting the house in order...

    Got a call just now and was offered the following:

    Matte Nilo Croc 30 Lindy in the new color called Terra (pinkish red) with PH hardware.

    SA said it is close to the Rouge Venetiane (sp) in this matte croc color.

    Anyone interested PM me and I'll pass on SA's contact.

    HAPPY TO BE BACK :yahoo:
  2. ^^^ Very interesting! Did your SA also send you a photo? I saw terre in shiny croc and did not like it at all – it looked more like miel than red, so it would be useful to see a photo. Thanks for sharing! :flowers:
  3. Dear Ms. Roxane:

    No did NOT ask him as I am trying to go on "DIET" with my collection, so I've told him I can only buy what I have already SO (still waiting and it's been 2 year now).... This is another reason that I was trying to stay away the forum for all this time.....
  4. It's good to see you back Morganng!!!
  5. Dear Ms. Lulilu:

    How are you?! It took SO MUCH self-control to avoid the forum, avoid SA's temptations and just concentrate on moving and settling down...

    I have so much catch-up reading and good too see an 'old' friend!!!
  6. Morganng - you're back!! Great to see you. :flowers:

    Glad you're settling in to your new home. I guess you finally cleared out your wardrobe afterall :P
  7. Terre matte croc would be the answer to those who want a croc lindy something with pink though terre is not a 'complete' pink.
  8. Dear Ms. Handybags:

    TGIF!!! I am so SHAME that I've basically just move from 1 house to another and did NOT let go any EXCESS bags that have not or NEVER been "LOVED".... And at the meantime bought lot more furniture which DH complaint everyday about my OVER BUYING in any and every items... :shame:

    SO HAPPY to see you Ladies/Gents!!!
  9. #9 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009

    I have seen this bag in person at my local store and I found it quite interesting... I would not describe it as pinkish red though. I would describe it as a slightly reddish FAUVE, nothing more. It definitely belongs to the brown family ....
  10. Yes, that is what I think of terre, too – nothing pink about it. Reddish-brown like mud ;)
  11. thanks for posting, hope a pfer got her!!~