Just in - J Crew - 50% off additional sales items @ Georgetown Washington, DC locatio

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  1. ONLY at the Georgetown Washington, DC location. Other stores haven't been announced yet. My SA just called me. :yahoo: :heart:

    If you're out of the area, call the store and do a charge send. You will get the discount. Ask for Flor - she's really great.
  2. This is true for NYC locations too- at least for the SOHO one that I went to shop in today. I've been waiting for this one.
  3. same true for Madison Ave. NYC location as well
  4. THANK YOU. I have to work on saturday from 8-4 and them I'm hitting jcrew. for you NY ladies, please let me know which shop has the better selection, fifth avenue or soho.

    I will be watching this thread until 3:55 p.m. est on 1/06.