Just in from BNY....

  1. My Natural City arrived fresh off the delivery truck this morning from BNY. Isn't she cute!??!! :love: Do you have any care tips that are good to know?


  2. omg!! It's so beautiful!! Congrads :love:
  3. God, that colour is gorgeous...:nuts:
  4. Love the natural!! What a beautiful bag! Congrats!!
  5. I love this color. Congrats :yahoo: I just got mine today with the GH too.:wlae:
  6. Whoops! I was so busy drooling that I forgot to add my care advice:p ...I would spray it right away with the Apple Protectant spray, and if you have the LovinMyBags 'For Handles Only', that would be a good idea too!
  7. it's so beautiful! congrats!
  8. Thank you everyone :smile:

    Where is the best place to buy Apple Protectant spray and LovinMyBags 'For Handles Only'? Online? Thanks again!
  9. I bought the Natural Work when it first came out in December. The leather is just so nice. But I've never owned a light colored bag and I don't think it would've taken the abuse as my other bags do.

    Beautiful nonetheless:graucho: ...makes me want to re-buy it and just frame it!
  10. i love it!!! maybe cause i have the same one! it's gorgeous..congrats
  11. Cute? I would say GA-GA-GA-GORGEOUS is a better description! :wtf: Beautiful bag!!! Congrats!!! :yes:
  12. Wow, unbelievable leather, it looks like it's melting into the box!
  13. OHHHH, I wish my computer had the touch and squeeze feature as well as the sniff and smell button. I can almost smell that new leather scent :tender:. Congrats, beautiful, beautiful bag. Good score girl!!:choochoo:
  14. OMG!!!!!!!!! It does!!! It looks like it's melting into the box!!!! I love it!!!:love: Such a pretty color!!! :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. so that's what natural looks like. Very, very pretty!