Just in...F06 Truffle Brown City Bag

  1. Received my F06 truffle brown city bag today... It is...interesting... I...think...I...like...it...hmmm... Someone described the color earlier as "brown gravy"...well, I think it could be described that way...but it is not exactly how I would describe it... It is actually a fairly neutral color IRL, but I don't think I would wear it with brown. Other posters indicated they had tried the bag on with white and denim combinations and/or with black. I think the bag would look great with both. At first I was a little...hmmm...not sure...but...I do wear a lot of black and think it could make an interesting and subtle contrast...

    In terms of leather, my F06 fire-engine-red twiggy is "softer" or more "smushy" than the city. The city leather is a bit more shiny. The city has a bit of veiny-ness, but it is much more subtle than the S06 (and some of the F05) bags were when purchased new. The leather is a bit thicker (more substantial?) than a "typical" F05 or S06 bag.

    The third pic is w/o flash...
    F06 Truffle B-Bag 001.jpg F06 Truffle B-Bag 002.jpg F06 Truffle B-Bag 005.jpg
  2. From the pics it feels like there's sort of a hint of green in it.
  3. hmmmm, it looks like a very very pretty color brown. maybe you can wear it with khakis and camels? pretty!
  4. SoCal, I think its a beautiful color. Congratulations. Its a really interesting brown. I like the different tones.
  5. hey SoCal 0o0o0o0 your new b-bag looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! so soft and i bet is smells like a dream!!! congrats!
  6. SoCal - it is pretty! Congratulations! I'm a fan of the darker colors and was eyeing truffle for fall. I like the tones on the bag. Like didi said, camels, khakis and maybe even like olive greens would go well with the bag.
  7. i think you'll look hot with a nice camel coat and this bag!!!! =D
  8. I like truffle! I just saw one today in Harvey Nics and was admiring it lol. Congrats!
  9. Wow, that is actually a gorgeous shade of brown, deep and rich, like
    brownie ice cream!:P Congrats! I think it is beautiful!:yes:
  10. I was going to return this pair of Manolos today...but now I think I might hang on to them for a bit...
    F06 Truffle B-Bag 008.jpg
  11. Oh yea, they totally go together! I love it!
  12. I love the color and with the shoes, it looks divine.
  13. i think i'tll look so fab with jeans! And they do match the heels :smile:
  14. I was a bit unsure at first, but the more I look at it...the more I like it... And I have located a few more shoe "compliments" tucked away in my closet... It is turning out to be a much "easier" color than I anticipated!
  15. Congrats Socal! It is a very pretty color!
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