Just in case you have not seen this- tPF keychain!

  1. How cute!
  2. Mine arrived yesterday. It is super cute and very lightweight.
  3. where do you order them from?
  4. Yes, mine is on it's way. This started out in the LV forum as a ROAK gift, and then we all voted for something to put on our bags to identify other tpf members. There's already been something like 600 that have gone out!
  5. Thank you Jag for the post
  6. I ordered mine last week or the week before so i'm still waiting on mine but i'm sooo excited!!!
  7. super cute!
  8. I emailed her- I want one too! I hope she responds soon!!!
  9. So cute!!!! :yahoo:
  10. How are people attching them to their bags? For H bags are you putting them through the lock or charm?
  11. I bought three, and my two other buddies and I decided we would wear them as necklaces!

    All three of us are really tough on our keys, and with the number if bags we have, don't want to be removing the thing daily!

    I'm going to wear it on a long silver chain, another will wear it on a short leather cord, and the third I think will put it on a ribbon.

    Although as a side note, I may tie mine to my POTD (purse-of-the-day) with an Hermes ribbon!

    Cheers! They're so pretty!!

    Thanks twink!
  12. Hmmm.. hadn't considered a necklace...hmmmm
  13. I have one- it's REALLY adorable!