Just humor me.... What color would you go for!!!

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Which Color Medor???

  1. Black with GH

  2. Raisin or Amethyst with PH

  3. Black with PH

  4. Chocolate with PH

  5. Chocolate with GH

  6. Other color

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Let me start this by saying that I am not buying anything just yet. I am just dreaming about bags and which color medor I would get if I had a choice!

    Here's are the colors in the lead right now:

    Black with GH
    Raisin or Amethyst with PH
    Black with PH
    Chocolate with PH
    Chocolate wth GH

    Ok, what do you think??? And if you have any other color suggestions, please tell me!!!
  2. oy. all of them. any of them. LOL.
  3. You suck! YOu have to choose. You know I am clueless!
  4. Tough question! They all sound good!
  5. Ok. I also have a Black Chanel Kelly with silver hardware that I use for evenings too. But I need something with an edge! I wear black, reds, purples, chocolate and greys for evening usually.
  6. Oh J, there's not a bad choice in the bunch, but I've actually held a black with GH, and it's beautiful enough to break your heart...

    If I had to pick, I'd say black with GH. If I had to pick for ME? I'd do raisin and who cares what hardware.

    ETA: The hardware on the Medor makes it look edgy IRL, no matter what color you'd go with.

    2nd ETA: The black with GH that I saw has been used as a daytime luncheon bag as well as an evening clutch, and it was perfectly appropriate in both settings.
  7. I know- Raisin is just incredible. I am really loving it!
  8. I voted raisin because it would be SOOOOO beautiful, but honestly, I'd do black if I were you (not choco cuz you have your Kelly in the gold/brown family) because you'd get more use out of it. Either HW.

    However, would you consider Rouge H box with gold HW???? Now that I thought about it more, that would probably be my first choice for you!
  9. Can I vote again? I really think a red with gold HW would be 2die4!!
  10. Black with PH was my first choice... The raisin or amethyst really sound gorgeous, too, though... You can't go wrong with any ... those are great choices!!
  11. I voted for black with PH, just because it's basic and the palladium hardware is IMO, more modern looking than the gold HW, although any of the choices you mention are beautiful.
  12. Rouge H... hmmm.. that would be gorgeous too! Does anyone have a medor in rouge h for a visual aide????
  13. Oh boy, what a great question. I love love love the Medor clutch. There is a black w/ PH, Graphite w/ PH and Indigo w/ PH at my store right now. All three are delish. The black is the most classic, but deep in my heart, I think Raisin or Rouge H box are a more fun choice...
  14. Do medors come in croc? Personally I prefer kelly pouches. If I have to choose right now, it would be black with GHW.
  15. Raisin Jag!