Just how wildly impractical would rose dragee be?


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
I always love rose dragee when I see it in pictures. I think it's such a lovely shade of pink, so delicate and pretty. However, I am wondering if I could actually carry it IRL, in of course my fave, the Lindy. I have a two year old and am pregnant (early, just 10 1/2 weeks). I don't normally carry a purse when I have the diaper bag with me, so it would be used more for non-baby expeditions, but would be out at the grocery store or on other short trips with kids where I don't need the full diaper bag.

I definitely don't baby my bags, but I will say that my etoupe swift Lindy has been carried almost daily for months now and shows very little sign of wear, other than on the feet, of course. Wondering if rose dragee would somehow miraculously be the same. I do wear jeans a lot of the time, so am a little concerned about color transfer. Thoughts? Should I wait 6-7 years before I think about this, where I'm not going to be storing a bunch of kiddy stuff in my bag and suffering potential spills and scrapes?


Jun 23, 2008
I have a Rose Dragee Birkin & I love it!

I'm not sure that I'd be concerned about your kids with the color, as most liquids can simply be wiped clean off of the Swift leather. However, I do not wear denim so I don't have any experience regarding color transfer & that could possibly be a problem.

I do have to say that my two-year-old Birkin does show corner wear, but I've not yet sent it to spa to see how well the color can be touched up.

HTH & good luck with your decision!!


Jun 18, 2008
i love rose dragee too but i was only brave enough to buy it as a belt.

I'm paranoid about color transfer too so I always wear the rose dragee color of my belt on the outside but I haven't noticed any color transfer on the parts of the belt that come into contact with the belt loops.

hope that helped a little. Good luck on your decision.
Dec 21, 2007
I was looking at a Rose Dragee Birkin yesterday. It's a lovely color, but I'm afraid it would be a dirt magnet. I wouldn't dare put it anywhere near a newspaper, and I think the handles would probably get discolored easily.