Just how sturdy is the Fendi zucca fabric?

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  1. Hi all, I'm (eventually) gettin' a zucca Spy and I'm wonderin'... How sturdy is that zucca canvas? Let's say I spill something on it (God forbid!), is it easy to clean? Is it waterproof? Will it eventually tear or produce lint? Or is it good for yeeeeeeears?

    Thanks in advance :yes:
  2. Hi Katgrrl, I think the fabric is quite hard wearing and if you did spill something on it would think you could sponge it off do not think its waterproof.

    They have in Jomashop.com zucca spys on sale at such a great price right now and they are authentic.
  3. ZUCCA is pretty sturdy. I have a zucca pouchette/messenger from my mothers collection i think its about 15+ years old and it looks brand new. I wore it clubbing, through cold winters, hot summers, traveling you name it and it looks just as good as when she bought it. :yes:
  4. I've got the zucca b. Fendi and was worried about it but it wears beautifully! I haven't taken it out in the rain yet but I'm not concerned.
  5. Thanks ladies!

    Hi Saich, I was concerned about Jomashop's zucca Spy cos in their description, they mention that it has the "signature zucca lining". When I hear "signature zucca lining", I think of the lining with the "FF" all over it. I'm gonna send 'em an e-mail n' ask if their zucca spy lining has the "FF"'s or if it's solid tan.

  6. Ooops! I misquoted Jomashop. What is actually says is "interior lined with Fendi signature fabric". Not, signature zucca lining as I have quoted above. So, as I was sayin', when I hear "Fendi signature fabric", I'm thinkin' of the fabric with the FF all over it. I'm gonna send 'em an e-mail about that now n' see what they say.

  7. I keep looking at the Zucca ones on Jomashop as they are just such a good price, I think Deco has bought from them in the past and some other PF members and they have all been authentic
  8. Hi Saich, I was wonderin' how they could sell these bags at such great prices. Then I noticed the handles on the Zucca. It's the older zucca Spy. The newer one has the darker handles. Someone here was kind enough to post both versions for me not too long ago. Believe me, I'm seriously considering gettin' it since you all are sayin' they're authentic. But first, there's an authentic one being sold on eBay. If I can't get that one or if the bidding goes up so much that the price gets anywhere near the price of the one at Jomashop, I'll just get it from Jomashop.
  9. Hi Katgrrrl, I am very tempted to get one of these as love the tortoise handles, but I have just bought a really beautiful Chocolate and Honey Wisteria, trying to hold of till the new spys come out or a Green one turns up.

    Good luck with your bidding on ebay hope you win if you get it let us know.
  10. Oooh, you're gettin' a chocolate too! I LOVE the chocolate! Between you and me (and anyone else who stumbles across this post), I kinda regret gettin' the black one. I wish I'd gotten the chocolate. I saw a nice chocolate one on eBay, but there's a pretty prominent burn mark on the right side of it. I wish I could just win some kinda Fendi spending spree or hit the lotto! Then, I could just get a buncha Spys and get this Spy bug outta my system.
  11. Its been more than ten years and my zucca is still like new!!

  12. Dont we all, the chocolate is really beautiful, the one I have is so bubbly. By the way you never get spys out of your system once the bug has got you:nuts:
  13. Now, THAT'S what I wanna hear!!!!! :yes: Thanx Knn!

    and that's a beautiful blue Balenciaga ya have there!
  14. Saich, now THAT'S what I'm afraid of! :wtf: The Spy bug has got me baaaad. It's like when Peter Parker got bit by that radioactive spider. The bite didn't just leave a mark, it actually became part of him. I'm gonna start resembling the Spy in a minute... My leg is gonna become a secret compartment or somethin'.