Just how sturdy are the MAB handles?

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  1. It's a tight fit to wear my MAB as a shoulder bag over my coat. Has anyone had handles break? It looks sturdy... but you never know! Too much pressure from my gargantuan arm and POP! I was just curious. Ty! Maybe I should wait till I don't need a coat to throw this baby over my shoulder.
  2. I think the leather is very strong, but the cardboard/paper stuffing in the handles has separated a bit on my Royal MAB. Annoying, but I don't think there's much you can do!
  3. Would you get the strap and wear it that way?
    Mine has ended up really floppy too... there is a thread here somewhere about concerns we have on the MAM/MAB and that is one of the concerns; that the handle strap separates and the handles go floppy, weakening it a bit.
  4. They definitely won't break. The construction on the outside and the leather make them strong.. it's just that inside stuff that isn't great.
  5. They should learn something from Balenciaga; their handles are amazing!