just how much can be repaired on bags?


Aug 19, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
If anyone has had experience with sending bags in to Gucci for repairs can you tell me what your experiencee was like as to what kind of repairs you've had done and what they were able to do? I'm just wondering what all can be fixed? If a bag has severe wear to corners can the make them look nice again? What about zipper pull tabs? Not the silver metal part but replacing the actual pully thing if its fallen off. Knicks or scratches in leather, damaged piping around the bag that type of stuff???? Is a receipt required to send it in for repair?


Jul 6, 2006
I sent in my Gucci Striped Boston in for a repair..It wasn't horrible damage but the ribbon stripe near the top opening was frayed.. I didn't even know how they could attempt to fix it but they did..It only took maybe 3 weeks? I wanna say they probably took it out and put a new one in. You can always call or stop by a store and see what they can do.