Just How "MINI" is a mini Twiggy???

  1. I am considering purchasing a mini twiggy online. I have seen loads of regular twiggies IRL, but I've never seen the mini. The SA I spoke with on the phone says the bag is only 6" long, which is pretty darned small.

    Can someone tell me please just how little this thing is compared to a regular twiggy or a first?

  2. Here is a pic of my mini twiggy and my first.

    They can pretty much hold the same amount of stuff. i usually carry my LV ludlow, checkbook, cell phone, make up pouch and lv credit card holder in it.

  3. Thanks! I've been perusing a bunch of pics on the forum. Certainly it looks smaller than the first, but not so small as to be unusable. Do you like yours?
  4. Beware though as there are two size mini twiggies, and one is smaller than the other. Mines approx 4"x7"x4", and I think this is the smallest.
  5. OH! I didn't know that. So all those pictures I've been so carefully looking at could be of a larger mini?
    :noggin:Thanks much for straightening me out! So, Fred&Ginger, is your bag teensy weensy or is it a useable size?

    It's ridiculous trying to buy a bag sight unseen, but it's 40% off!
  6. I suppose it depends on whether you carry the 'kitchen sink' or not. But if its mobile, wallet, keys, then it would be ok.
  7. Kathy, Yes i like the mini twiggy. i dont use it very often but then i do i love it :smile: its very cute and easy to use.
  8. I used to have a sky blue mini twiggy and it held almost as much as my First.
  9. Okay, ladies, I'm still on the fence on this one. I'm totally thrown by the realization that there are two sizes. Can someone tell me the rough dimensions of their mini twiggy?
  10. The smallest Mini Twiggy is 4"h x 8"w x 4"d with a 18" detachable strap.

    The larger Mini Twiggy is 5"h x 10"w x 4"d also with a 18" detachable strap.

    The regular sized Twiggy is 7"h x 14"w x 6.5"d with a 24.5" detachable strap.
  11. Here's a picture that shows the smallest Mini Twiggy in comparison to the Coin Purse, a couple Firsts, and Purse:


    Here's a shot with the larger Mini Twiggy (center) compared to a couple Cities, Day, First, Men's Day and Shoulder bag:

  12. nice comparo pics!!

    thanks for sharing!