Just how many LE items..

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  1. ..is it polite to hang off any one bag?!

    My beloved and heatstamped Congo PM already is the permanent home of my Panda Clefs - I got them stamped together on the same day, I love them so much! - and also my Cerises Monnaie Ronde, which peeks out from behind the netting.

    However a new friend joined them today, or should I say friends - Jack and Lucie, long sought-after and now finally mine! I've thought all along that their spooky voodoo charm would be right at home in the deepest, darkest Congo, but now that they're here I don't want to remove any of my others!

    The other two look great together, and if I removed the Ronde to put J&L there I'd then have two danglies on the front. I've instead put my bony couple up on the strap, where they sit not too high and not so low that they're grouped with the rest, and I think they look okay but would like others' opinions. Hanging where they do they dangle to the top of the bag, and when carrying it I can hold them in my right hand to stop them bonking around and scratching eachother too which is good.

    I haven't taken a modelling pic yet as I'm in slob mode today, but should it be a crucial deciding factor I guess I could take one! Will chuck in one from awhile back of me with the bag though.

    Jack & Lucie!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Congo PM, Panda Clefs & Cerises Ronde:

    Congo PM, Panda Clefs, Cerises Ronde and Jack & Lucie!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bedtime! Too lazy to put them all away seperately, I tuck Panda up under the flap and pop J&L back into their bag.

    Me carrying bag (with only Panda on), but you can see where the J&L clip would go where my hand is..
  2. if you put too many it might look like a flea market from the congo.

    i say one at a time... just my opinion.
  3. i'd say no more than two the max, too many LEs together will just distract each other's beauty....just my 2 cents :shame:
  4. I agree one at a time ... or it just looks too much
  5. I would only chose one to be dangling from the bag. I usually have my Azur cles and Groom Bandeau on my messenger for school. And I think that's pushing it a little.
  6. i loooove jack and lucie
  7. Hahaha.. This was exactly why I'd asked, because I figured I've probably grown so used to seeing it with just the two already there that I'd see adding Jack & Lucie as 'just one more!' I thought too that given I'd hold them in my spare hand a lot anyway to stop them rattling around they wouldn't show so much, but I really did need others' fresh perspectives. :yes:

    Well I don't mind having the two on it already as the Cerises is pretty tucked away in there, so maybe I'll heed your advice and just keep it as it is. I can't imagine taking Panda off as the patina on it's vachetta matches that of the Congo perfectly - they're gonna grow old together, with their matching tans and heatstamp tattoos. I think too I'd rather keep the Cerises inside there than switch it with J&L, as I'm sure two danglies is far worse than just the one dangly and the Ronde just peeking out from inside.

    Jack & Lucie will just have to go onto a Speedy, I think.. :wondering
  8. Congrats on your Jack and Lucie, I love mine so much as well. :heart:

    I do feel 2 LE items are the max anyone should put on their bags.

    I usually hang one of my ronds or my Jack and Lucie off my bags. I might even add a bandeau if I get one. Too many items on a bag would make it look too busy and complicated.
  9. i only usually have one but my exception is a bandeau and something else, but never more than two
  10. i love my jack and lucie too..:love:
  11. one at a time, just use the j&l for now..you can always rotate every week!
  12. Usually just one, but a scarf and a charm would be cute too !
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I agree, though - one at a time - in moderation.
  14. its like wearing too many designers at one time.....people dont know which item to look at....
  15. I don't like anything hanging from the purses. The bags are gorgeous as they are and decorations look tacky, IMO.
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