Just How Many Edith Bags?

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  1. I am really curious as to how many Edith bags each of us have ordered, received and kept, as well as our reasons for not keeping some and keeping the others. :P It sounds as though Chocolate is our latest crush :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I used to be able to keep this somewhat straight, but I am finding myself confused on who has what and why and I am wanting to know big time. :lol: Plus I think it will be FUN to follow! :roflmfao: I'll start:

    I ordered a medium Whiskey and accidentally received a large Chamois instead and I am thinking that I am keeping it. :love: I will post pictures later.
  2. I only have one, the whiskey and she's here to stay:biggrin:

    Did Saks make a mistake and send you the large instead? At least, it's a good mistake and you're happy. Congratulations!
  3. oops, double post - again:shame:
  4. i've only ordered the grey, and am definitely keeping it.
  5. My first Edith was the medium chocolate and I had no desire to order another after receiving mine. I am completely in love!

    I am sad I had to return the Chamois to Nordstrom yesterday due to stitching unraveling on the pocket. However, there might be another medium Chamois in my future next week... stay tuned for more details as they materialize! :biggrin:
  6. I've ordered:
    *two medium whiskeys (returned one)
    *one medium chamois (returned)
    *two large chamois (keeping only one, obviously. I'm sick, but not that sick)
    *one medium choco (keeping)

    :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

    At this point I'm not totally sure what I'll keep in the end. I'm only 100% on the large chamois but really :heart: all three!
  7. Ordered: one medium chamois, returned this week, longing for the elusive choco
  8. Oh how embarrassing! Must open NM account to track:

    2 medium whiskeys (returned Chucky:shocked: /debating other - my color?)
    1 medium chamois (eBay!:heart: )
    2 large chamois (cancelled both- too dangerous!)
    3 medium chocolates (2 cancelled, 1 hopefully ships today?)

    = 1 whiskey, 1 chamois currently

    I am determined to have no more than 2 in house once all is returned and done. :biggrin:
  9. Daisy, are you hogging all the Ediths???
    :rant: :lol: :nuts: :devil:
  10. YOU BAD GIRL TOO :lol: :lol: :noggin:
  11. Like Eskimo I only ever ordered the grey and kept her.
  12. The more I think about this, the funnier it is. This is like the "Six Degrees of Separation of the Edith Bags" :lol: And wouldn't it be the kicker if someone like Andre Leon Talley comes out and declares "The Edith is like, soooo over!" :lol:
  13. ^ :lol: Hey, this just supports the theory that there are only 7 (?) in each color and size in circulation!
  14. SEVEN degrees of separation! :lol:

    BTW chicbags, GREAT THREAD. I am laughing myself silly here.
  15. Initially, I was very upset it wasn't inside the gift box, as promised, and the wrong color. It took quite awhile to realize it was large, as this was my very first Edith IRL :blink:. I was like loving the leather - lots of pebble and slouch and wrinkles in one. I kept slipping it on my shoulder thinking, wow, this fits just fine :rolleyes:. Finally, I looked at tag and realized it was a large. I really can't imagine loving anything better so I think I'll quit until fall :upsidedown:

    This is my very first expensive light color bag and I am going to try really really hard to enjoy it and not worry about it. :roflmfao::yahoo::winkiss: