Just how delicate is LV Vachetta?


Nov 4, 2006
My question for you all is this: Is the vachetta on LV more delicate than the vachetta on Coach pieces? I'm really worried that I'll stain it right away. I've been okay with Coach vachetta after treating it with apple garde but I'm worried that the LV will be more delicate. Anyone?

I'm going to get my first LV next weekend. I know I'm going to get a speedy 35; your answers will help me decide whether to get Monogram or Damier Ebene.


Apr 1, 2009
Based on personal experience I think it is more delicate that coach. I suggest going for the ebene if you're worried about the vachetta. It's classy, understated, and practically a worry free bag.


Sep 17, 2008
Connecticut & Florida
Hi- I have several LV bags. I always spray the vachetta with Monkey Shine. Do a search in this forum- basically there is a 50/50 split between Apple garde and Monkey Shine. I don't worry about rain or snow. Of course the SA will tell you not to use anything. IMO it does not effect the patina adversely either. I don't like stains on the vachetta and without protection, there will be.
Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
its really not that delicate. Its leather...it is just untreated so it will get darker (some people buy it with the super light leather and dislike when it tans). And yeah, if you get caught in the rain you could possibly get little spots but it will blend in so its not like its really stained. I liked it when it was super light and like it now as it has gotten a tiny bit darker...


Jul 3, 2009
The Coach vachetta is definitely less delicate. I know that i've used the coach cleaning products on coach's vachetta and lv's and the coach leather didn't darken, whereas the lv darkened a hint (this was on a bag that already started turning color). i think coach's vachetta is treated just a little bit. it doesn't look really untreated, when lv leather does. also, if i get my coach vachetta wet, the stain goes away. hope that helps.


Dec 26, 2008
hey ladies i am new to this whole lv vachetta thing so sorry if i sound stupid but i am going to purchase my first lv really soon i think it will be a azur speedy but am still still deciding so my question is can you spray the super light vachetta with something like the products you mentioned in this thread or do you have to wait till it patinas first then spray and /or condition? : )