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  1. How much I love everyone on TPF! Every other forum/blog site I have belong to have such a large number of members that are so snarky, it seems on a lot of sites thats the "cool' way to be. So thanks everyone for being so kind helpful and caring to one another. You all rock!!

    ::Sorry Mods if this doesn't belong in GD::
  2. you rock too!!
  3. :tpfrox:

    I agree. I have found the nicest people here.
  4. I love it here too. This is the only forum I go to. Actually besides my emails and facebook, it's pretty much the only thing I do on the computer. Bags, makeup, relationship advice, news updates...where else can you do that?
  5. I love this place too! :love:
  6. I think this is one of the best forums out there....I am not familiar with any others but this one touches almost every topic....I love it here.
  7. I feel the same way. This is my only forum.
  8. I agree! I LOVE this place. It's the only forum I belong to. There are sooo many nice people on here.

  9. I agree! Another forum I visit is just full of cliques & people *****ing at each other, it's not nice at all!
  10. I am really happy to hear that people feel welcome here!! We try to keep the spirits good and the nastiness out!
  11. :yahoo: For TPF!!
  12. Yaaaay TPF!!!

    (Btw, love your icon daydrmer! Jam all the way :smile: )
  13. I love TPF!
  14. I love me some Jam ;)
  15. I love it as well. I have found very useful info and have acquired a bigger bag & shoe fetish. Lol, dh does not think this is a good thing.