Just had to share..

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  1. ..what a young woman asked me today at work. I'm a pharmacist and get some pretty interesting questions but this one from a 20-something young woman floored me! She came up to me with a really nasty looking red eye and said she (purposely) used acrylic nail glue to put on her fake eye lashes that morning:wtf: !! Surprised she didn't glue her eyes shut I told her she needed to go to emerge. toute suite but she said the 'wait was too long' and she wanted to go to work. I was like..you only have one pair of eyes and that glue is toxic but she wasn't concerned at all even though it was already burning her eyes. Lordy!:shrugs:
  2. what?? why the hell did she do that?? it wouldn't have killed her to skip the false eyelashes today, but imagine what she's done to her eyes now!!!
  3. OMG I wouldn't have know what to say to her!!! LOL
  4. OMG!

    Not to mention that it would never even occur to me to wear fake eyelashes to work ... but I'm a lazy sort of minimalist, I suppose!
  5. wow.. that one takes the cake... I was a pharmacy tech for a while and saw/heard some WEIRD things (like the woman who wanted to know when she could eat again after she didnt eat for 3 days because her meds said 'take on an empty stomach') but nothing like that!!
  6. whoa.. that's one serious situation and she doesn't even care about her eyes!?!?!?!? crazy..
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    That's a good one!! i would have just burst out laughing....

  8. WOW

    She sure is focused about getting those fake eyelashes and about getting to work.....

    it's your EYES!! :confused1: Yikes....

    I would never ever dream of putting fake eyelashes to work. i barely have time to put on my eye shadow and lipstick. much less the whole works including fake eyelashes.....

    And the thought of using acrylic nail glue scares me. has she not seen how difficult it is to remove an acrylic nail?? and she wants to use that on her EYEs?!?! how are you suppose to remove the fake eyelash? Soak your eye in a tub of acrylic nail remover?!?! :wtf:

    definitely a noteworthy incident though.

    anyone have anymore good stories to tell?? i love hearing such stories...:supacool:

  9. Corinne.. I JUST BURST OUT LAUGHING in the middle of the office reading that one.. hahahhhhaa.. i love it!!

    as for the eyelash lady.. what ppl do in the name of beauty.. how dumb is she
  10. That is just awful. She'll have beautiful lashes, it is just a shame that she won't be able to see them!

    OT- Megadane, you're so pretty. :smile:

  11. Aww..thanks:smile: Yes, it was a pretty strange conversation. As one of the girls said 'had she not used acrylic nails before?" and I asked her that and she said yes, so she certainly knew how potent this stuff was! I have no idea how they will remove them unless they cut her eyelashes off-hopefully she went to see someone about it before it causes permanent damage, if it already hasn't. She was so non-chalant about it and I could not stress enough how she only has pair of eyes..it definately was the story of the day at work:sad: .
  12. I've heard of having to suffer to be beautiful, but I think this goes above and beyond.
  13. :roflmfao:
    What is wrong with people!!!!
  14. I think sweating helps to remove glue... (remember the Simpson's episode where Bart used Crazy Glue?!?! lol)
  15. OMG :wtf: