Just had to share this!

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  1. I know a lot of people have read my posts regarding the Cynthia Rowley bag I was searching & finally found a year & 1/2 later! Well, I finally got the black one (as previously posted) & last week found an auction on ebay for the white one (sweet!) & anyway this particular auction came with the Cynthia Rowley Barbie! The bag & the Barbie arrived in the mail today & bag is spectacular of course, but here's the kicker! The Barbie is carrying a miniature BAG LIKE MINE!!!!! The ones I've searched for!!! I just thought that was hilarious!! I mean, CR makes LOTs of bags; what are the odds of her designer Barbie carrying the bag I love love love??? Anyway, I thought that was funny & like-minded people like yourselves would understand buying multiple colors of identical bag AND understand the significance of the Barbie carrying MY bag!!!:yahoo:
  2. oh, please post a pic of that! how cool!
  3. That's awesome, congrats! PIC PIC!!!
  4. So cute! Congrats!
  5. What a nice surprise, pics please and btw, it's good to hear of a pleasant Ebay handbag buy!
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at taking pics & uploading them, but here's a link to the auction & I tried to find a better pic of the Barbie.



    None of the pics will get a really close up pic of the Barbie, but I think if you look closely at the backside of the bag you'll notice it matches the front side of bag the Barbie is holding. Now only if they made that bag in silver....:graucho:
  7. how cute!!! congrats, can't wait to see you modeling the purse with barbie next to you!
  8. You know, that is just TOO CUTE!!!!

    Congrats on your find!

  9. How funny, the Barbie has a Cynthia Rowley shopping bag too :P
  10. How adorable. Congrats on the great find!