just had to share my prettiest, smushiest (sp?) bbag yet - '04 marron twiggy

  1. and i can't believe i paid under retail for it. seriously, the color is gorgeous. i bought this bag off ebay. the handles are a little darkened but there are so many variations in the leather (as in all the older bags) that it blends in perfectly.

    the pics aren't great b/c i just got home from work and took a few quick pics. i will take daylight pics tomorrow.

    happy chigirl!:yahoo:
    weekender 005 (Small).jpg weekender 006 (Small).jpg weekender 007 (Small).jpg weekender 008 (Small).jpg
  2. YAY chi!!!!!!! the pics are yummy! Can't wait for more....CONGRATS!!!!
  3. ohhhhh the leather! the leather!!! It really does look YUMMY!!! :love: :tender: CONGRATS chi!

    but wait, so chi, what do they say about girls with red-ish brown bags? :graucho:;)
  4. That is soooo gorgeous Chigirl!!!! I fervently hope my 04 Marron City will have leather like that!!!! Yummmy.
  5. Very pretty. Congratulations on acquiring such a nice bag.
  6. Gorgeous, chigirl!!! I LOVE it! Congrats :yahoo:
  7. wow, congrats chi, you're making me wish i BIN'd that marron first on e-bay yesterday (boooooooo-whooooooooooo) :crybaby:
  8. hey chigirl - congrats on the new b-bag!!! it looks totally yummy!!! excellent score!!! :wlae:
  9. Congratulations! The bag looks awesome!
  10. mhmmm now that is what I am talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) so how do you like the twiggy style?!!!!! :smile:
  11. *faints*

    I was so close to bidding on that. Great score! That bag is FABULOUS! It makes my mouth water....lol!
  12. I know, isn't it crazy how the dark handles don't even look bad, in this color??? What a smokin' deal, and you had the guts to go for it!
    And ditto what mimz said, how are you liking the Twiggy?
  13. congrats chi! I knew you'd love it! that color has the most amazing leather.... :love:
  14. Beautiful marron chi! :love: Congrats!!
  15. perfection! check your email.