Just had to share: a STEAL of a deal!!

  1. I went to Loehmann's BH on Saturday. I don't go very often because I can't handle the crowds/endless racks of clothes. But I'm so glad I braved the masses because I found these gorgeous gold python Oscar de la Renta heels for $59.99!! :wlae:

    This was such a steal because the sticker read "Compare at $110" when one pair had a retail price tag of $847! :nuts: (Not to mention that it's illegal to sell python in California...)

    Just wanted to share my joy with my PF sisters because I know y'all will celebrate with me ;)

  2. Those are hot!!! Congrats on your find.
  3. Those are gorgeous shoes! And a true bargain! You're lucky because they look worth $1000
  4. Wow! Thats a great deal, I love Oscar de la Renta! Congrats!!!
  5. i'm SO going after work today!!!!

    i can use my bday discount!! i hope they have it in my size.. did you see any 6's??
  6. Wow, nice and what a great deal!!!
  7. Thanks ladies!!! :heart:

    nancypants - I actually went back yesterday (Sunday) to get a pair for my friend since Loehmann's had this same style in brown suede. They were ALL gone :sad: I remember that there weren't any in size 6 though.
  8. what an awesome buy. so jealous, the shoes are gorgeous.
  9. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  10. Absolutely gorgeous!
  11. Congratulations. They are gorgeous. Ya gotta love a bargain like that!:drool:
  12. wow! Those are gorgeous! What a steal... Congrats!
  13. I love them...and they will go with so much!!
  14. WOW lucky! I'm so jealous!
  15. Congrats, they look great on you!!