just had to post

  1. So my friend was over and we were looking at my bags and thought we should take a group photo. Her black city is in the also in the photo. We will take another photo later on with her other 2 Bbags (silver first and cornflower twiggy).

    I had to post this b/c i love the photo of all the colors together.....:tender: :love:

    06 blueberry day
    05 rouge city
    06 black city (my friends)
    06 lilac twiggy
    05 magenta first
  2. opps!!! forgot the photo:rolleyes: too much wine:drinks:
  3. its like a lil b-bag orgy!
  4. Lol Bagnshoo! Maybe they'll pop out a couple of coin purses in the coming months

    They're gorgeous! Excellent group photo.
  5. LOL wouldn't that be great if they could reproduce coin purses?:upsidedown:
  6. lol :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Hehehe!:roflmfao: Nice group shot!
  8. awww...your B-bag had a playdate!!! :roflmfao:

    Love the photo!!! :yes:
  9. Nice!
  10. Very pretty group shot!!!!!!
  11. ooohhh i love that blue roi day and that black city. the city almost looks like a dark green. soooooo pretty.
  12. fun group shot!
  13. Nice pic! Pretty colors!
  14. Wow, you know that rouge is making me drool!
  15. What a fun pic! Playdate for Bbags! LOL.
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