JUst had to post because it got buried in the July thread

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  1. Today's finds.

    I have been sitting with the Parker in my lap all night because it is soooo soft.
    Parker large convertible hippie in Mushroom, gorgeous!! after the 20% coupon


    Peyton in metallic green but not super metallically $280 after 20% coupon.
  2. Congrats!! How many Hippies were at your outlet?
  3. The one I got was the only one. They said they doubted they'd get more.
  4. good find congrats
  5. Wow!
  6. Wow! I thought mine was a good deal, but you have me beat! Congrats. :biggrin:
  7. Liz, was this at birch run? Did they have any silver zoes?
  8. No, it was at West Branch. It's a haul there but they are very nice.

    Yes they had silver Zoes. I think the large & the smallest, don't recall the middle size.
  9. Wow, you scored a mushroom Hippie at an outlet?! CONGRATS! What an awesome bag at an even better price! FYI, I have both a Hippie and a Julianne and they're actually very similar. Pretty much the same size, they both have the detachable strap. Granted, they are very different looking, but I just thought I'd let you know since I know you're in the market for a Julianne.

    ETA: Disregard, I just noticed your updated signature. Congrats!
  10. Called West Branch for you CornFlake Girl. They have this one: 12669
  11. I know, the hippie was something like $127.00 about $2 more than a Zoe.
  12. I'm jealous the outlet I went to today only had the sand for that price. Black and cream was $350.
  13. I would have gone for the sand.
  14. I would have but I had gotten a Patent Fawn XL Zoe so did not want more light brown bag.
  15. Wow, a mushroom hippie at the outlet, I'm so jealous that bag is TDF. Congrats!!!