Just had to annouce I finished!!

  1. Freaking college.. Late nights typing papers when I'd rather be doing something else. (ahem.. forum, food, sleeeeep!) I couldnt concentrate at all yesterday because I kept chatting my heart away on this freaking site!! (It's a drug, and I'm addicted!) I meant to do it earlier in the week, but of course something came up! (bad bad, I know!) and I swore to get on my paperS when I woke up... But I didn't get to them until 11pm. (Yikes! Candace had me up here talking! ahahahaa!!)

    Anyways, I had an english paper and for my take home final, I had to write a long essay, 2 short essays, identification, and of course me being me, I did all the extra credit! I got a total of 40 minutes of "sleep"! Then I had to wake up, go to my english class to turn in my paper, and sit down to start another freaking paper as my final! I kid you not, this past week my teacher made us do 3 papers in one week! (one of them being a crazy long research paper that she gave us two days to whip up!)

    I feel like screaming now that I'm done with todays finals. (and that crappy english class). Tomorrow now finals, so I'm sleeping in. But Weds and Thursday I've got crazy hard finals.. Ughhh!! Can't wait to be finished!

    Thanks for letting me share on my happiness that I finished in time last night!!
  2. Yippie! Congratulations on finishing those finals. All that work is insane. Good luck on the finals you have left. And trust me, I know how addicting this forum is. I stayed up late posting when I should have been studying last week. LOL!
  3. LOL I like how you dragged me into this! HAHAHAH IT ISN'T MY FAULT!!!! :smile:

    I think my best papers came from when I was exhausted and did them like an hour before they were due.
  4. Congrats on being done!

    I have another 5 hours to go until my last exam, and then I'm done the semester. This is going to be the longest 5 hours EVER.
  5. I agree! I feel that my best work is always done at the last minute.

  6. its all your fault candace! why did you have to do that to me?? lour me with fun topics to talk about?!?! AHAHAHAHHAAA!! im sooo just kidding!! i love ya woman! you know that!
  7. best of luck to you! here, take my cup of coffee! (that i didnt even drank at all!! im amazed im still awake. told DF i was going to bed.. but here i am. stuck on here! :shame:smile:
  8. Congratulations!!! For me, when I finished, it was hard to relax at first--kept thinking there must be a book to read or a paper to write.
  9. woohoo!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats on getting them done! I was in the same boat as you last week, I worked ALL of Fri/Sat/Sun and then through the night on Sunday to get it done in time for 9am Monday! LOL. So glad to have a month off now, then it starts all over again!
  11. :yahoo:Yay! Now you can just relax for a while...and spend lots of time on the forum!
  12. That's awesome, congrats! Good luck with the rest of your finals....almost there....what reward do you have planned for yourself??

  13. Good question!! I dont think I'll really do much. I slacked a lot! I must do much better next semester. Maybe if I do good next semester, I'll treat myself to my own place. Haha!
  14. Oh my god, finals. Ick!!!!

    haha I just got done with my finals. Well, actually- I didn't have any finals this sem because all of my classes assigned papers. Which, in retrospect, might have been worse because I have never written so much in my life!!! I'm so happy to be done and over with it. Time to sleep!!!

    PS. You go to school in the Bay Area? Where do you go? I go to school there too.... :biggrin:
  15. :yahoo::yahoo::tup: