Just had the strangest request, I think...

  1. Guys,
    Just got a request from someone interested in my Speedy 30...they asked me to send them my bag and they would pay me after they took it to an LV store to authenticate it!!!! I almost fell out of my chair...then I was semi-insulted!!
    How could someone expect you send an LV without payment..??...or is this a common practice I have never heard of????
  2. Eek, I'm sure thats not common practice! That sounds very dodgy :S
  3. ewww weird...this is definatly not a common practice!!
  4. Someone just messaged you out-of-the-blue? Either way...So very very weird....
  5. Offer to meet them at a LV store to authenticate it?
    Seems dodgey to me.
  6. Obviously not! This fella is obviously crazy!
  7. too weird! sounds fishy. he or she could have met u in person instead, and head to the store together.
  8. You should have said, "Send me the money first and I'll take it to the BANK to authenticate IT, then I'll send you the bag!!" LOL! Sounds like you should ignore this person!
  9. It was a message sent thru my eBay listing. I have no idea where this person lives....I don't know that I would meet up with someone...I guess I really don't want to sell it that bad (ha!ha!) I sent back a nice note saying I wouldn't send it w/o payment and that this forum has an "authenticate" board and she/he was free to submit it!
  10. Traci,
    Too funny!!!!! That's what I should have said back!!!!!!
  11. hahaha thats soooo funny, i wouldn't be so nice about it. crazy! she expects to get it for free or something, maybe she ramdomly messages people and hopefully someone will actually send it and score a free bag haha
  12. ^lol
  13. I think eBay or paypal does offer something that allows this. I think its called escrow?? not sure but on higher priced items, buyers/sellers can request this service for an additional fee. Buyer does pay but the money gets held in a account. I think buyer has a couple of days to get the bag authenticated, if you they don't do it within the allotted time frame then the money releases to you. Never used this service but it does exist.
  14. too strange... def don't do it. how dumb do they think people are?
  15. Lol