Just had the scare of my life...

  1. My mom usually gets off of work at 8:30 and takes her about half an hour to get home. So when she wasn't home by 9:30 I started to get scared. I kept looking out the window to see if she was coming, but she never came. Finally at 10, I decided to drive off on the route that she rides to and from to work. I drove as fast as I could without feeling too scared (190kmph) to make sure she wasn't lying dead on the street somewhere.

    Neither of us have cell phones. We don't know our way around those types of things, and nobody has been able to come with us to pick any out. She called 5 minutes after I left...

    UGH. I feel faint...She's home now!
  2. Ugh, glad it turned out to be nothing.
  3. I am glad your Mom is home and safe.
  4. Oh, thank god she turned out to be okay!
  5. What a wonderful daughter you are to be so concerned about your Mom. Bless you both! :heart:
  6. Glad everything is ok! :smile:
  7. ahh honey. Thank goodness you are both ok.

    You two need to get yourselves down to a mobile phone store, and have them demonstrate some easy to use phones for you both.
  8. I am glad your Mom is okay.
  9. Glad to hear your mom is ok. My mom lives thousands of miles away from me. I miss her and worry about her from time to time.
  10. I'm glad everything is OK!
  11. I'm glad everything is OK! I would kindly suggest looking into cell phones for emergencies. You can get very simple ones without a lot of additional features...and the good news is most of the more basic ones can be had at little to no cost, depending on the type of plan chosen.
  12. I'm glad your mom came home safe and sound. :yes: You both need to get cell phones! My mom thought they were the devil until she got one and now she's glued to it!
  13. I'm glad she's safe and home! Whew! What a scare! Sorry you had to go through that.
  14. Thank you everybody! Yes, cell phones are definitely needed. We are going to go on Monday to the local electronics store and have the guy who set up our internet help us pick out some phones. We don't want ones where we have to have a contract, just one of those pay-as-you-go phones in case of emergencies.

    The phone was out at her work because they just had a bad storm, that's why she wasn't able to call.

    It's always scary to think that something could have happened to someone you love. And the more you worry, the worse your thoughts become!
  15. Glad to hear everything is OK. I get worried about my Mum too cos she does'nt want a mobile phone.

    Once my phone battery died and I was stuck in traffic in a shopping centre car park. Too many cars wanting to leave and come in at the same time. Traffic lights on exit were turning red every 30 seconds so you can imagine the bottlenecks!

    I was two hours late home and I could'nt leave my car or call anyone. People were worried sick but I was OK.