Just had my Tonsils removed :(

  1. and it hurts sooo much!!!! But the doctos adviced me to take it out coz i have soar throat all the time!
    I had them taken out on Tuesday... now my second day... oh lord! And i want to eat sooo bad. So hungryy!! all i do is sleep and drinks lots of water and eat ice-cream!

    Hubby takes good care of me though hihi..
  2. Sorry to hear that especially that you can't eat for Thanksgiving. I still have my tonsils and wish I had them removed years ago.
  3. Kishmee--so sorry to hear you are down...BUT, I promise those sore throats will be very few and far between. I've had my tonsils removed a few years back for the same reasons and wonder why my parents hadn't done it when I was a child. I have not gotten strep since. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  4. I still have mine but I have heard from a friend it is better if you don't eat too much dairy. It makes you feel like you need to clear your throat which hurts a lot. They recommended Popsicles instead. Plus chicken broth and other clear soups. They also said the colder food felt much better than the hot ones. I hope you are feeling better soon. At least the hard part is over.
  5. That sounds like it hurts, I hope you are feeling better!
  6. I feel your pain! I had mine out at 17 and it was not fun. I found gatorade to be a lifesaver. My doctor told me to stay away from ice cream because of the phlegm factor.
    Mainly I popped my liquid painkiller and slept. Recovery was pretty steady and really I have never looked back as I am no longer plagued by strep, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.
    You'll feel better...I had mine out during Thanksgiving break as well and missed the whole meal. But, I've had plenty of Thanksgiving meals since!
  7. I had my tonsils removed two yrs ago after recurring abcesses. I actually found for me it wasnt as bad as expected. I sympathise with what you are going through..just rest as much as you can. I must admit i found it hurt more after about 1 week as the wound dried up and i got frustrated at not being able to eat. On the plus side i lost some weight and 2 yrs on have not any other problems since.

    It is hard now but so worth it in the long run. All the best for a speedy recovery.:smile::smile: