Just had my Coach interview and found out some info

  1. So my interview went really well. There was another girl that was interviewing with me also. I'll find out in about a week and a half if I got it but I'm pretty sure I did. The hiring manager has to run the background check.

    I'll be working part time which is great for me:yahoo: The other girl that was interviewing me seemed very unprofessional. If I was the manager I would not hire her. She kept bashing her current manager and had grudges with co-workers. I wouldn't want to hire someone that expresses those feelings so freely. I sure am scared to work with her too if she does get hired.

    Anywho, I also found out that the store is setting up for the new floorset on Monday night and the new stuff is opening up on Tuesday. So girls, the cotton signature carlys will be available in stores Tuesday.

    This is at the Coach store in Mall of America in MN.
  2. I hope you get the job, and thanks for the info!!
  3. We went to Mall of America last summer, we loved that store....!

    Good Luck.
  4. ohh nice, I like the SAs there. they put up with me hemming and hawing and trying out everything :sweatdrop:
  5. Good luck! I hope you get the job! I've been in that store a few times and the SA's are always SO nice!
  6. Hope you get the job! I shop/browse at that store all the time.
  7. Good luck and thanks for the info!!!
  8. Good Luck !
  9. thanks for the info.

    hope you get it!
  10. wow, i can't believe the hiring lady said all those things. how come her mouth was just running and running and running like that? you'll probably be the one who's taking her place anyways right hehehe. i'm just kidding, i'm not mean like that. but it just doesn't seem like a warm inviting job place with employees (or maybe just her) hating on other people like that. hope things are kept neutral if you do get the job. good luck!!!
  11. good luck with the job :smile:

  12. i think she meant the other person being interviewed for the job was acting unprofessional no?
  13. Cool! I'll come visit you this summer! We're supposed to have another TPF meeting at the MOA so either you can come with or we'll come see you! I'm supposed to go with my mom this fall too! HOLY! I just realized that I can now have a SA closer to me!! I may have to start calling you and ordering from you!! LOL!! (Oh, I should say OOF-TAH!)
  14. Sending good luck thoughts your way!! Can't wait to see the new floorset!
  15. Good luck! Hope you get that job!!!