Just had an offer of GBP4,000.00.............

  1. ...................... for a bag that is listed at 999 or best offer. From a newbie of course. I am really tempted to accept :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. Check her location first and beware of scammer use stolen cc. This is one of their most "famous" method. Offer higher than asking price.
  3. Oh I know it is a scam she is a newbie from Spain, I wouldn't accept it only joking :smile:
  4. Maybe she meant to type 400.00...LOL!

    I would be soooo tempted to click 'accept' though :graucho:
  5. If only I would get ANY offers on the items I have listed right now! No one wants my things! :crybaby:
  6. ^^^^

    Noone wants anything at the minute Lori, it is a nightmare!

  7. or it was a super lowball offer of 40GBP with typo :yucky:

    You have a different format in the UK than in the rest of Europe:

    In the UK she would have to put 40.00 GBP while on any other site like eBay Germany for example she would type in 40,00 GBP, if you do the later on eBay UK it will bid up to 4000GBP :wtf: (lol, I've done that once :shame::lol: but luckily the item ended without any other bids:sweatdrop:)
  8. I had the same thing in reverse, tried to put 100.00 into Ebay Holland after moving there from England! Doh!
  9. All I am getting are ridiculous offers for my BIN/best offer items. I am getting really frustrated!
  10. ^^^^^

    Oh I know i got an offer of usd10 on my miroir Lockit, really tempted to send back a cheeky message LOL
  11. Yikes.
    $10 on a Miroir Lockit??? *faints*
  12. I dont know how people can make "mistakes" like this. You enter the amount, and then you have to review it before confirming...
  13. I think when it comes to ridiculously small amounts they are hoping that you will hit accept by accident.