just had a mail from Chaz

  1. Hi,

    just had mail form chaz she is missing the forum loads and hopes to be back soon. she hasn't got her line back on yet and hopped onto someone unsecure network.

  2. ^^^ The hacker Chaz hey!!!!
  3. indeed. same old same old
  4. I had a text from her this evening. She's hoping to be back online on Thursday.
    She sent her love to everyone and thought the skinny arse comment was a hoot!!
  5. I'm not normally in this section but I saw this on the main forum page and I had to come in! I normally see Chaz in general discussion (thread killers!!!!). I knew she moved and I've been wondering what has been talking so long. Glad to see things are fine.

    Hurry back chaz!!!!!!!
  6. oooh that's a long time - I may have to call her if I can find her cell number and if my phone will call the UK.
  7. Hi there, is this the thread with all Speedys Angels onboard??
  8. ^^^ You would be right Tara. I have popped on there a couple of times, but I didn't stay long. I think I need to earn a club membership there!! hehehe
  9. :sweatdrop:phew I'm not in trouble then.
  10. Hey girls!! Just found a brief window!! I am piggy backing someones unsecured network,happens so infrequently tho so I'll have to be quick!!
    Move has gone ok,house is great,Sophies loving the extra space to hurtle around in!! Got feliway for the mogs and they seem to have settled quickly,wanting to go outside now,but a few more days yet I think!!

    Sky will be hooking us up sometime thursday? Some furniture coming tommorow so I'll have to stay in,but the people and atmosphere here is wonderful,we are both wanting to get out and about!! I feel like I have finally come home,I can really see and end to my a-deps etc,I feel so much better and have a real lightness in my soul I thought I'd never feel again!!

    I'm missing you all so much,I never thought it possible to miss peeps I have never met before,you have all come to mean so much to me over the last months and have helped me get where I am in my heart today.

    Big catch up sesh on thursday hopefully!!
    Love and miss you all,Chaz xxxxxxxxxxx:heart::love::smooch::love:
  11. Chaz!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Will there be pictures involved?
  12. :woohoo:this forums not the same without you! Glad you are loving the new pad! :tup:
  13. Nice to hear from you:yahoo:! Good to hear that Feliway´s doing it´s job;)! Hope you get settled in front of the computer too!
  14. Blasted time difference - I just might have to call in sick on Thursday;);)
    I have been a real biatch this week and I think it's your fault, Chaz - have really missed you!!!:heart::heart: Have fun setting up new home!!

    I have this mental picture of you directing the movers looking very chic (Lauren Bacall like) and changing your mind every couple of minutes!! hehehe Here, move this, no here, etc.................

    As Riff suggested, don't forget to christen all the rooms!!!
  15. Yay - looking forward to Thu :yahoo: