Just had a Hermes nightmare

  1. I took a nap just now because I've been going on 3 hr sleep for weeks and I just couldn't stay awake anymore. Anyways, maybe because I was really stressed out or simply very tired, I had a Hermes nightmare.

    I dreamt that I got myself a Rose Dragee Suede Retourne Kelly 32cm (which I don't even know if such a thing exists) and I was using it. Then I touched the bottom of the bag (from the outside) and was horrified to find it completely soaked!!!

    Uhm, then I woke up. :sweatdrop:
  2. I hate Hermes nightmares!!! You're ok, Kou... no soggy bags in sight!
  3. I think the nightmare is telling me to stay away from suede leather.
  4. Or at least not to carry water bottles in it!

    Don't worry, your subconscious has probably now worked through whatever it was, and you can relax. Those sleep-deprivation-nap-nightmares are the worst!
  5. Kou, you're the best! :heart:
  6. For me thats no nightmare- thats menopause
  7. Kou, only you could have a nightmare like this:smile: Naturally the bag was pink!

    BTW, I don't see why that bag couldn't exist IRL. Sounds nice to me!
  8. Kou that is hilarious! Be happy it won't happen to you!
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. It was sooo weird!! There are so many parts of this dream that was so not-me: suede bag (I've always found it to be high-maintenance), the size of the kelly and its structure are all different from my usual preference. But I distinctly remember absolutely LOVING the bag in the dream though.
  11. :p
    I was sooo relieved when I woke up~ I couldn't believe I actually broke into a cold sweat, and I only napped for 15 minutes!:wtf:
  12. Awww ... thanks~~ :shame: I'm glad the nightmare wasn't about a pink croc diamond birkin or something:nuts:
  13. And the soggy bag was soooo gross :push: The poor bag ...
  14. i am keeping my fingers crossed, and now I know I won't be carrying anything drinks in ANY of my bags :sweatdrop:
  15. well Kou, so glad you woke up.... hehe.. but that dream wasn't too nice... I hope you didn't cry in your dream like I do when I lose stuff or something.. lol