Just Had a Great Experience at H!!!

  1. ok, so i just had to share, because I'm new to all this, and was really intimidated to go into hermes, but I finally went ahead and did it today, and was really pleasantly surprised. . .it turned my whole idea of what to expect from SAs (in any store) on its head. . .and really made me appreciate hermes on a whole new level. . . .maybe it had to do with the fact that the city i'm in in Italy is not one of the major ones, cause the store was just me for most of the time, but the woman was sooooo nice, and so helpful, despite the fact that i speak incredibly horrible (and very little) italian!!! She helped me with the hermes, while helping with the italian. . .anyway, i got to try out a very beautiful 40 HAC, in rosso (i think togo, but its a little hard with the italian). oooooh. . so nice, but SOOOOOOOO heavy!!!! :nuts: i was absolutely shocked how heavy that bag was. ..it felt like i had already packed it full of books and all kinds of other crap. . . really, its more for a carry-on (although, how i would lift it, i don't know). .but, it was fun to actually try something in person. . ..but nothing that really grabbed me, and no birkins. .. i bit the bullet and just asked her about getting one, and i think she was saying the list was impossible (for special order), but she was extremely receptive to calling me if they got something, and took my name and number right away. . .but after about 15 more minutes of me speaking incredibly bad italian, looking at the wallets, and the scarves (she even checked online for me the scarf i had seen and wanted, and will see if she can get it), and expressing to her my love of orange, she seemed to have some secret list of what they would be getting in the future and said that there will be a birkin orange 30 in togo arriving in the spring!!! which is pretty much exactly what i want. . . i would really prefer the gold hardware, but she said it will be palladium, and that it is really impossible to get the gold now. . .don't know how true that is, but i think i can live with the palladium, it's pretty darn nice!!!. . . .so, anyway, i didn't end up walking out with anything, (not too much else in the store besides that, actually, it is quite petite!). . .but, i had a really good feeling from the whole experience. . .of course, maybe she was just trying to get rid of me because of my bad italian !!! :yes: well, i'll see if she calls, but i told her i would come back in a couple weeks anyway, when the fall collection is due to arrive. . .i am really anxious to make my first h purchase, but nothing particularly grabbed me. . .of course, i would love to just buy it all, but don't have that kind of money just now, so. . . ..anyway, just so excited i had to share, sorry for the long rant. . . .
  2. Congratulations on your upcoming Birkin~~~:yahoo: glad to hear that you've had a wonderful experience at your Hermes. Did you get that lady's name? If I ever visit Italy, I would love to drop by the Hermes there
  3. It is nice to hear everytime someone has a good experience at hermes!
    I hope you will get the bag and some additional "good hermes time" at that store!
  4. What a great story, sounds like the beginning of a great Hermesaddict-SA relationship to me :smile:
  5. kln, welcome to the PF!!! Guess What? My favorite color has always been orange and I am Italian as well. It must be in the blood.

    I am really happy you had a super experience and I hope the SA will keep you in her mind when the 30 birkin comes in. Keep us all posted and thank you for sharing.
  6. I am really pleased for you......happy Hermes shopping in the future.:heart:
  7. Thanks everyone, I'm so excited!!! It is too bad my store is rather small in terms of inventory, but I'm sure as I become more and more addicted, I'll make a point of visiting all the other stores that I can! Of course, my store is so close, that I could just hang out there everyday. . .ooooohhhh, dangerous. . . . Koukanamiya, I got her name, and then promptly forgot it as I left the store (I always do that!!! it takes me like 3 times to learn someone's name). . I will get it again next time or when she calls, and let you all know. . .
  8. Kellybag -- just saw your post. . .I am not actually Italian, unfortunately, just an American living here. . . but, are you living in Italy at the moment? or transplanted elswhere? I have actually really noticed while being here the Italian love of orange, which really made me happy(especially since i miss my bright orange espresso machine which i had to leave back in new york)! It is not so popular back home, I have no idea why. .. .
  9. :yahoo: So happy to hear you had a fabulous visit! I am an orange lover as well.
    Hmm it sounds like we are hearing that gold will be hard to get from lots of different H stores. So sad. :crybaby: Oh well, gives me more time to save up for the dream bag I guess. :lol:
  10. Is gold hard to get due to lack of supplies or simply because most stores are ordering silver?
  11. SF said it was because they only ordered palladium. That gold was "no longer popular". :crybaby:

  12. Gold not popular? :wtf: They should read this forum, then, if that's what they think. . ...
  13. Hehehe I know, when the SA said that, this was my face =:wtf:

  14. so glad you had a great experience! I think it does just depend....and Italy....well my dream is to go there in 5 yrs. after all my kiddos are done with high school!! (KB I'm l/2 Italian as well!) I hope you get your orange birkin sooner!
  15. Kln, you need an orange scarf to tide you over until your Birkin gets here! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: