Just had a fake Paypal email...almost fell for it!!

  1. !!!!!!!

    Recently I bought a bag from a seller, but after two weeks I still hadnt received it, so I contacted the seller to ask what was going on and that I was going to make a claim with Paypal if I didnt have a reply soon.

    The seller emailed me, saying that I should file a dispute as their account had been stolen.

    So I filed a claim and just now I received an email from 'Paypal' saying that my account had been partially restricted due to the possibility of a third party being able to use my account. I thought it could be true as the person who stole the sellers account would have seen my details. The email said that I should click on the link to reactivate it.

    These emails looked exactly like paypal's ones!! But then I saw the email address was something like 78337@mailpay.com and I was like :confused1:

    I clicked on the link and it asked for my credit card details, my PIN and even my security code.

    I thought I would just check before I entered anything, so I closed the link and went to my account via paypal.com. instead of going through the email link, as that address wasnt paypal, even though the screen was the same!

    Anyway, on the real Paypal site my account was fine!! No restrictions! I quickly changed my paypal password and forwarded the fake email to paypal, who emailed back and said that this was a 'phishing' email and their security team would work to disable it.

    I am so thankful that I checked before giving any details. These theives could have had a spending spree on my card!

    I hope my experience will help anyone who receives similar emails in the future.
  2. Halzer...erring to the side of caution, run virus and anti-spyware scans on your computer, just in case a keylogger trojan was installed. Once done, I would change my eBay and PayPal passwords. Make sure forward the email messages to spoof@eBay.com too.
  3. Good idea *heypursegirl*!

    Im going to run my security software now.
  4. I got one in my personal email stating that the my paypal account had been tampered with and to enter their website to change my personal passwords. I copied to Paypal security and they are investigating and clearly said do not change your password on this site.... Always go into your paypal account from eBay or their website to do security changes...I had read a warning somewhere and proceed to Paypal security. Please be careful.....
  5. I got the same email today and I immediately deleted it it. I knew it was false because I check my paypal account everyday..lol What I did do before I deleeted it was forward it to spoof@paypal.com They handle all the fradulent emails that people get.
  6. I got the same one this morning, almost fell for it since I knew that my registered credit card had expired and I did not add another one yet. I clicked on the link and the same thing popped up for me to enter the CC info...that is when I shut that down and logged into Paypal, nothing (of course). So I forwarded that email to Spoof. Changed my paypal password, just in case. I do have the security key, so that makes me feel a little bit better.
  7. Please tell me what is the security key? I just started to sell on ebay using paypal and i'm not familiar with that term. TIA
  8. im so glad you caught it...when ever i get any sort of email i type it in to the address bar instead of any link
  9. I got the same email today!
  10. Wow! I'm glad that you caught that! I'm sorry that you went through that
  11. Seems like everytime I buy something from Ebay I get one of these sneaky e-mails. The theives are really getting good. Imagine the poor fools that fall for it!!

  12. I had this a while ago for genuine and everytime I logged into paypal it came up with the resolution centre, recentely I had the email but there was no problem with paypal and it was just a spoof. Scary!
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the same happened to me months ago and i had a shock as i had taken a sleeping pill and was on my laptop. it was past 3 am and i was VERRRRRY drowsy and would barely see. but i still filled in that page (how stupid was I) until the pin question came.... TADdaaaaaa... thats when i woke up and thought hang on "what an idiot would i be to give my pin??"
    obviously didnt.. and had to wait all night until i could share this experience with someone in the morning!

    but that email was JUST like from paypal!

    BEWARE everyone
  14. Halzer!!! Thank you for posting this thread!!!! I just had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday!!! I got email from the "seller" of a bag that i was bidding on. The email claimed to be the seller and that they saw how serious I was about the auction, and that they wanted to offer me a deal, and all I had to do is send my info. I went onto my ebay account, and contacted the actual seller, to make sure she was the one who sent the email, and sure enough, she was not the one who sent the email. I guess this happens all of the time!
  15. Here is the link explaining about what happened to us....it's called "phishing."

    Nevermind....it was trying to sell protection online.....I had to edit.....but you should still beware of people trying to get your info. It really scared me to know that somehow someone got my email address. I'm still wondering how they got it.